Reconditioned Hand-pieces for Part-exchanged Lasers

Part-exchange Alma Soprano laser Hand-pieces,
Part-exchange Alma Harmony laser handpieces,
Part-exchange SHR laser Hand pieces,
Part-exchange Lumenus laser hand-pieces and
Part-exchange IPL handpieces

The Laser Market is a genuine supplier of laser hand pieces for your new laser, pre-owned laser or part-exchanged laser. -  What does this mean?

Certain types of laser hand-pieces, especially diode laser hand-pieces 808nm or 810nm, or Intense=pulsed-light handpieces are built very differently to true lasers. The hand-piece has a limited number of shots that it can deliver before the performance of that handpiece is compromised due to weakening of the lamp within the hand piece, so it set to stop working before it becomes detrimental to the treatment efficacy.

Currently if this is the case you need to go back to the manufacturer to replace the hand piece  with a new handpiece and the process starts again. This is expensive and one of the main reasons people do not by IPL platform systems but opt for true lasers instead.

If you do have one of these systems what are your options?

Option 1: Return to the manufacturer for a new laser hand piece.

Option 2: Contact the Laser Market, where we can part exchange your hand piece for a fully refurbished laser hand-piece.

What does that mean?

At the Laser Market we take your laserhand piece and refurbish it completely. We take it apart, change the lamp, change the filters and re-set the count so the handpiece is fully charge and ready for resale. The hand-piece is just like new and comes with a warranty and guarantee to prove it. 

This process saves you a considerable amount of expense, in comparison to buying a new one.

Here at the Laser Market we only use genuine parts with none of them sourced from China.

What are the hand pieces that we can replace?

  • Lumenus Quantum IPL hand pieces                        £600 + VAT
  • Lumenus Light sheer diode hand-pieces                  £5,500 + VAT
  • Alma harmony handpieces including Alma Harmony S, Alma harmony elite IPL   £995 + VAT
  • Alma harmony XL, Alma Harmony Xli                       £1095 + VAT
  • Full range of Alma Soprano handpieces including:
    • Alma Soprano Xl, Alma Soprano Xli                £7750 + VAT
    • Brand New Alma Soprano ICE hand-pieces   £14,995 + VAT
    • This includes the SHR handpieces for fast, pain free hair removal

How does the service work?

You call us and tell us which hand piece you need replacing. Normally we will have the hand piece in stock.We part exchange your old hand piece along with payment, for the new hand piece. We ship your replacement full- refurbished laser hand piece directly to you.

If you come back to us again for your next hand piece, we will give you £150 off your purchase. What can be easier than this.

Your manufacturer might not going to be happy because you are saving money and not going through them. But bare in mind that they could offer you this service but choose not too as they make more money off a new hand piece.

So Contact us today at the Laser Market to find out how you can save time and money on your used or refurbished laser, IPl, Alma, Lumenus, SHR hand pieces.


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