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IPL vs Laser - Clarifying the difference

Confused by the terms "IPL" (Intense Pulsed Light) and "Laser" - You are not alone.

IPL vs Laser

Prior to purchasing an IPL or Laser system - prior to even speaking to the various manufacturers and Distributors - it is important you understand the difference between the two terms, and the type of difference the choice can have on the scope and revenue of your business

Review our guide so you go armed with the facts.

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Introduction to Leasing Laser Equipment

A look at the option of Leasing as a means to fund your purchase of a Laser system and other Clinic equipment

Introduction to Leasing

Download our free guide, produced with the help of Industry Leaders, to review the benefits of Leasing as a funding option.

Don't part with yoor cash with out considering all the funding options and seeking professional advice

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Lasers, intense light source systems and LEDs – guidance for safe use in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practices

Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Guidance

Laser-use Safety Guidelines

While the licencing of aesthetic clinics, and other centres using laser and alternative light-based treatment modalites, varies from council to council across the UK, the Medicine & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) provides National advice of safety, which can generally be taken as the very minimum of Good Practice which all clinics should comply with.

Click below for a free download of their 2015 document for the safe use of laser systems, IPL equipment and LEDs.

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The Laser Market, Laser Buying Guide

What is the best laser for your business?

Laser Buying Guide

Answering this basic question can be filled with difficulties, and getting it wrong could literally cost you your business.

At the Laser Market, we are here to help.

Use this guide to make the step-by-step decisions needed to identify the most suitable laser for you

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Laser Marketing Guide

Practice-building material to help increase your client numbers.

Laser Marketing Guide

A guide providing advice on how to market your Laser / IPL service, to get maximum return for your advertising investment and secure the future of your business on an ongoing basis.

Poor Advertising is a lock on your business success; Getting it right is the key to success

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Laser Market marketing support package

Laser Market marketing support package

Exclusive offer:

When you purchase a laser directly through the Laser Market, you'll receive one of our Marketing Support Packages, worth up to £1000.

(This offer does NOT apply when purchasing a system from the Laser Market Used-Laser Sales Directory)

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