Alma Laser / IPL hand-pieces

Purchasing an Alma laser or IPl hand-piece from the Laser Market is easy to do and can save you a substantial sum of money when compared with local Distributor prices. -  And have you considered taking a Laser Market Service Contract as well? This could save you even more money!

By purchasing replacement Alma laser / IPL hand-pieces from the Laser Market  you save time and money, and you have the additional option of adding alternative applicators to your system, extending the range of treatments you can offer Clients.

We have Alma laser / IPl handpieces for a range of systems, including:

  • Alma harmony IPL/Laser hand-pieces.
    • Life expectancy of these hand-pieces are 50,000. Guaranteed for 35,000 shots or one year (whichever comes first)
  • Alma Soprano laser diode applicators.
    • Life expectancy of these hand-pieces are 10-15 million and we guarantee a 1 million shot count or 12 months.
  • We also have hand piece for the Alma Soprano XL, Alma Soprano Xli and Alma Soprano Ice

Hand-piece giving issues but still has many shots on it? You may not need a new handpiece though, and instead we can refurbish yours for you. All you do is send it to us, we give a quote for repair and you decide if you want the work completed.

Whether we repair, refurbished or provide a new Alma hand piece, we always use original manufactures parts. Unlike many other third-party providers, we do not cheap alternatives brought in from the Far East.

Our engineers are fully trained and as such we guarantee your 100% satisfaction in our work.

Alma Hand pieces are pre-programmed by the manufacturer to last a certain number of shot. Once this total shot count is reached, the hand-piece stops working as the internal components, such as the flash lamp and filters, becoming weak leading to sub-standard treatment delivery, hence the need for replacement. When we refurbish a hand-piece, we also re-set the counter so the hand-piece has the full shots count available again.

An Alma laser diode head uses the best diodes available on the market today hence the long shot-count life. 

How to refurbish or replace an Alma Hand-piece through the Laser Market

  • Tell us which hand piece you require replacement of or repair.
  • We then either quote for the repair of hand piece of the cost of the new one
  • We then invoice you and once paid deliver the new hand-piece back to you
  • If you have a new hand piece we take your old hand-piece in stock in order to refurbish it ready for sale and you get £150 off your next purchase with us

We also source other hand pieces, such as Lumenus and if you don’t see your laser or IPL listed contact us and we have can source for you


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