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Are you considering purchasing a Soprano Ice or other Alma system? Before you buy new, check out our range of used systems on the Laser Market's Used-Laser Sales Directory, or ask us about our laser warehouse stock for direct sale with guaranty and engineering support. 

The first generation Soprano XL & XLi, have now been added to by the Soprano ICETM.

The major difference between the Soprano ICE and the older Soprano Xli and XL models is the ICE technology. The new ICE applicator further cools the skin by integrating a cold sapphire tip. This technology limits the risk of burns on the surface.

Soprano laser systems also offer clinically proven SHR™ technology and In-Motion™ technique to help you take your laser hair removal business to the next level.

Benefits of Soprano

  • 6 years clinical proven results
  • Touch screen
  • Contact cooling
  • No need for gel or consumables

Warning: Please remember when informing patients that the hair removal process is “Pain Free”, this is not always the case! 90% of the treatment may be totally pain-free but when you get to the last stubborn hairs treatment can become painful and additional cooling or pain relief may be needed.

Alma are not the only manufacturer to offer virtually pain-free hair removal. Several other top manufacturers now provide this functionality, either through cold-tip applicators or more directly by using a modified energy pulse that does not generate the heater tissues but still gets excellent results. Contact the Laser Market to discuss the alternatives before you invest in a new of used laser system.

The old Soprano Xl model also differs from the Soprano ICE with regards the hand-pieces available; with the XL offering 810-nm diode SHR technology whilst the Soprano ICE offers:

  • 755nm Alex technology
  • Speed TM Technology (810nm diode)
  • Compact (810nm diode)
  • Facial Tip (810nm diode)

Here at the Laser Market we often have used Soprano laser systems available that can save you a considerable sum of money compared to a new system.

Already have an Alma system? The Laser Market may be able to provide Servicing for your current Alma system.

There are also many options available on the market that compete Soprano that offer just as good performance but again without the hefty price tag.

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