Cutera Laser Servicing & Support

The Laser Market provides laser servicing and support for all Cutera laser and IPL systems. We can also assist with the replacement and repair of many of the Cutera range of IPL hand pieces.

The laser market provides:

  • Free telephone support and troubleshooting to quickly determine the probable cause of the fault
  • Suggested repairs that are going to be need to fix the fault, with cost estimates
  • Replace or re-commission hand-piece where possible or offer alternative systems, short term rent or part exchange of the laser.

There is no cost for our estimates!

Remember as well the Laser Market has no affiliation with Cutera, meaning all our advice is independent and honest to the best of our ability.

So, as well as offering Cutera laser service and support,  we also offer service and support for other lasers, IPL’s and hand-pieces; as well as supplying a range of laser systems including, new lasers, used lasers and part-exchange lasers.

Remember it does not matter whether or not you bought the laser from us originally, we are always happy to help and assist where possible. 

By allowing the Laser Market to maintain your Cutera laser system with either a one off visit or one of our service plans, you are increasing the lifespan of your laser and as such increasing your return on investment.

We offer a range of flexible service solutions for your Cutera laser and IPL systems including:

Pre-purchase Laser Assessment – If you have found a Cutera from another source and you are considering buying it; why not let us check it out and make sure everything is as good as it can be. You will receive a full report after the visit where you can then make an informed decision. Whilst we can never guarantee you won't find issues later on, it might provide you with the peace of mind to purchase, or the secure knowledge that you are better off walking away.

Parts –   Do you need a particular Cutera part?. Contact the Laser Market, where we can provide many of the essential components you require at excellent prices.

Some of the most common parts that may need replacement or repair on your laser or IPl could be:

  • Power supply repair
  • Flash lamp replacement
  • Mirror and lens cleaning and calibration
  • Cooling system repairs
  • Lens replacements

Call-out – If your Cutera Laser has developed a problem, then maybe the Laser Market can help with a one-off visit to assess the problem & repair where possible.

Laser service visit – If you want to ensure your Cutera Laser system is still operating as good it can, then the Laser Market can arrange for either a single routine Service visit, or better value for money may be one of our Preventative Maintenance Plans.

Routine services of your laser is essential to maintain its working and keep a high level of performance. By regular servicing your Cutera laser or IPL it helps prevent a lot of the problems that can cause a breakdown. In the long run this is better for your business and your return on investment of the laser

A stand-alone service visit includes:

  • cost of the engineer
  • any travel costs, our prices are the same no matter where you are in the country.
  • Service consumables where appropriate.
  • Agreed price for any replacement parts needed
  • No maximum time on site, so don’t worry about costs escalating if something takes longer than expected
  • Have more than one laser? Not a problem we can offer a discount for any subsequent laser as well.

Preventative Maintenance Plan – All of our Preventative Maintenance Plans are designed to offer a straightforward cost-effective solution for your ongoing laser maintenance. If you want a particular service plan, then we can offer a bespoke package for you as well

Our Preventative Maintenance Plans include the Annual Service visit plus a discount of parts, hand-pieces and a discount of any further call outs should you ever need one.


The Laser Market offers servicing by experienced laser engineers on most Cutera models, so get in touch and see if we can save you money

If you want to discuss your current laser or IPL, whether it be servicing, repair or replacement;
Contact the Laser Market.



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