Zeolight Q-switch tattoo-removal system

There is an ever increasing demand for the Q-switch lasers as tattoo removal, pigmentation removal and semi-permanent make-up removal becomes ever popular. This has led to a flooding of the market of cheap imported lasers that are unsafe to use, dangerous and sold by companies who do not offer the levels of support that should be mandatory.

Sonic Medical Systems along with Beehive Solutions has recognised the need for a good quality Q-switch laser at a cheaper price than high end system but still offering safe and effective results with the knowledge of buying form UK companies offering support.

The Zeolight Q-switch laser is sold with:

  • 2 year back-to-base warranty
  • Marketing assistance
  • Training package
  • 2 pairs of Laser protection goggles
  • Delivery and Installation

What makes the Zeolight different?

  • 1.5j in a single shot (in both 1064 & 532nm)
  • 2mm, 4mm and 6mm spot sizes
  • Dual wavelengths - 1064nm and 532nm.
  • Touch screen control interface

Why is single shot important?

Single shot technology is one of the big differences between high-end lasers and cheap imported lasers. When you read the specifications of a laser one of the most important aspects is the power which is measures in mj. This is the totally energy delivered. In the case of the Zeolite it is 1.5j delivered over a 2mm spot size in a single shot.

When you see a cheap imported laser or the likes of ebay or through some suppliers in the UK, just because it may say 1.6 joule does not mean it is delivered in a single pulse. If tested, you will invariably find it is 8 small pulses of .2j, so why is this important?

When you are treating tattoo-removal as soon as the ink see the laser light you get an instant frosting over the tattoo and it turns white which means the tattoo only ever sees .2 joule of the energy delivered and the other 1.4 joule is lost.

Why is this important? You need more power the deeper the tattoo goes and more depth of penetration. By having a 6mm focussed spot size you can penetrate the tattoo deeper and thus more likely to remove of fade it.

If you are only using .2 joule or just over 10% of the energy, how can you expect to removal a tattoo?

Up until now all top end systems above the £30,000 mark such as Fotona QX MAX, cynosure revlite, etc use single shot technology

All cheap imported lasers use multi-pulse technology without the customer knowing or understanding! Until now!

The Zeolight Q-switch system from Sonic Medical Systems uses single shot technology at a price point you can afford and wit the knowledge it is UK made and is sold with a 2 year warranty

Download the Zeolight Brochure

Price of Zeolite is £12,500 + VAT


Sonic Medical Systems products are sold in the UK through Beehive Solutions Ltd.    Tel:   020 8550 9108


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