Cutera XEO - SOLD

Name: Cutera 

Model: XEO

Description: Cutera XEO - 2014 - ND: YAG + IPL Hand pieces Comes with Service History from Instinctive UK. Brand New Cavity in April 2016, and barely used since. New Cavity shot count - JUST 46,477! Treatment Applications: - Laser Fungal Nail Treatment - Pigmentation Treatment - Genesis Skin Rejuvenation - Laser Hair Removal - Wart and Verruca Treatment - Vascular / Thread Vein Treatment.

Accessories: Foot Switch Nd:YAG Handpiece OPS IPL Handpiece Software updates available to add on extra hand pieces and applications.

Age: 14

Condition: Very Good

Price : £25000 

Cutera XEO


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