Jumbo_Med ULT Suction unit - SOLD

ULT Jumbo_Med 2.0  Filter Trolley

Smoke evacuator for laser plume produced during medical laser applications for aesthetics, laser
surgery, ophthalmology, dental and HF-surgery

The ULT Jumbo_Med filter trolley is a mobile air extraction and filtration system specifically designed for medial laser smoke emitted during medical laser procedures

The ULT Jumbo_Med filter trolley is a portable unit which produces low noise levels and is easy to operate and maintain. 

Technical Specifications
Maximum Flow rate:            170M3 /Hour
Maximum Vacuum:               2,800 Pa
Nominal output (flow rate): 803/Hour hat    1,400 Pa
Electrical connection:            0.15kW - 230V/50 Hz- 0.95 A - 50/60Hz
Dimensions:                         340 x 450 x 530 mm
Weight:                                 18kg
Noise level:                            45 - 49 dB(A)


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