Ex-demonstration Fotona lasers

Ex-demonstration Fotona lasers systems represent an opportunity to own one of the best made lasers in the world, with a reduction in the capital costs needed to buy one.

An ex demonstration Fotona laser is a laser that has been used for trade shows, client demonstrations or advertising and the company now wants to sell on.

The advantages of an ex-demonstration Fotona laser are

  • Warranty
  • Full training
  • New accessories
  • Service
  • Marketing support
  • Information pack

The aesthetic and beauty industry is evolving at a rapid rate and knowing which system to buy is often daunting and confusing. Here at the Laser Market, we can help with that confusion and advise on the best laser system for you, which could well be an ex-demonstration Fotona laser system.

You need to make sure that the cost of owing the system is clear and is affordable for you to not only maintain your business but also be profitable.

When you buy an ex-demonstration Fotona laser system you are assured of it being nearly new, as well as offering the very latest software and applications

Our range of ex-demonstration Fotona lasers can be used in a variety of clinically settings including

  • Medicine
  • Beauty
  • Dentistry
  • Gynaecology

An ex-demonstration Fotona laser also offers a

  • Patient CRM
  • iPad App
  • Touch-screen Technology

The Laser Market has access to the full range of ex-demonstration Fotona laser systems We may also offer Ex-demonstration laser systems from alternative manufacturers or ex-demonstration Intense Pulsed Light system, if we believe these may be more beneficial.

Contact the Laser Market today to discuss your Ex-demonstration Fotona laser requirements.


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