New Syneron-Candella lasers

New Syneron-Candella lasers systems offer you the chance to own and use one of the top laser systems in the world.

The benefits of a new Syneron-Candella lasers laser system include System Warranty & Full training by the manufacturer, together with New accessories and a system tailor made to your requirements

When you buy a new Syneron or Candella laser system you are assured of quality; the aesthetics and medical industry, however, is an ever changing complicated world and determining the best choice for your new business of current business is not easy. It is an expensive investment in terms of revenue and time so you need to be sure you have made right decision. 

If you have any doubts, or if you just want additional information on some of the alternatives, Contact the Laser Market.

For full details on the range of new Candella & Syneron Lasers available on the market, see the Syneron-Candella pages in our Laser Supplier section, where you will also be able to compare the models with others on the market today. Current Syneron-Candella choices include the Alexandrite 'Trivantage', the CO2 'CO2RE' or one of the three Gentle' systems (GentleLase, GentleMax and GentleYag). The Laser Market can even help if you are tempted by the Picoway media hype.

Contact the Laser Market today to discuss your New Laser requirements.

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