Re-conditioned Aesthetic laser

A re-conditioned Aesthetic laser offers the opportunity to own an Aesthetic laser from one of a number of manufacturers and supplier’s from around the world. The range of Aesthetic lasers include lasers from the 5 most popular brands and most sought after brands Alma, Fotona, Cynosure, Lumenis and Candela-Syneron as well as UK made systems such as Lynton.

We also have other Aesthetic equipment like the body contouring miniecosmo for Elits available from the Aesthetic Market which is an aesthetic warehouse for a range of equipment.

Within the laser industry, the choice of Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light systems is huge and is still a growth industry. This is further increased when you consider cheap imports, new lasers as well as reconditioned Aesthetic lasers. As a result, making making the right decision is often not only difficult but also confusing.

As well as the expansive range of lasers and intense pulsed light units you also have to deal with the individual company’s sales hypes and the salesman’s sales hype.

This is where the Laser Market can be your independent advice line for all things laser and IPL.

Buying a re-conditioned Aesthetic Laser from the Laser Market means you are buying with confidence, a system that has been serviced and re-conditioned prior to sale (unless it comes from a third party sale via the Used-Laser Sales Directory).

The range of applications we cover with a reconditioned Aesthetic laser include Laser 4D face lift, dental, vascular treatments, podiatry and much more

Aesthetic laser systems are often upgraded by companies, or new systems are launched to include new applications and enhanced technology. This leads to the older models coming up for sale that may already be re-conditioned or may be in need of reconditioning. The Laser Market, through its extensive contacts both in the UK and abroad can locate and, if needed, recondition most Aesthetic lasers on the market today, ready for sale in the UK or abroad.

If you have a Aesthetic laser system that you are not fully utilising, then please contact us today as we are happy to consider:

Alternatively, if you are interested in one of our re-conditioned Aesthetic laser systems contact us at the Laser Market.

Benefits of a Re-conditioned Aesthetic laser system from the Laser Market include:

  • Warranty
  • Support
  • Marketing
  • Training 
  • Independent advice

We may also offer an alternative re-conditioned laser system or re-conditioned Intense Pulsed Light system that we think may fit your requirements. There is no hard sale, it merely allows you to make an informed decision.

Contact the Laser Market today to discuss your Re-conditioned Aesthetic laser system requirements.