Re-conditioned Gynaecology laser

A re-conditioned Gynaecology laser system offers the chance to purchase quality, re-conditioned gynaecology lasers from the Laser Market's warehouse stock from our approved range of manufacturers and suppliers including the industry leading Fotona range. These sources include both the UK and the worldwide laser gynaecology stage.

All the available re-conditioned gynaecology laser systems are cheaper than the cost of a new gynaecology laser systems and can also come with a range of additional sales points that make buying a re-conditioned gynaecology laser system a strong option for any clinic. The cost of any re-conditioned gynaecology lasers or indeed any aesthetic equipment are dictated by numerous points including:

  • Age of the laser
  • Manufacturer
  • Training package on offer
  • Specification of the laser
  • Hand pieces sold with the system
  • Accessories sold with the laser system
  • Service history
  • Whether bought direct from the seller via the Laser Market Used-Laser Sales Directory

The Laser Market has years’ worth of experience in the medical, aesthetic and gynaecology field. This allows us to offer sound advice and a range of options to suit.. The range of manufactures’ we have Gynaecology laser systems from include the Fotona Smooth Gynaecology systems (Fotona were the first company to launch clinically proven gynaecology applications. Please see the British Academy of Laser Gynaecology for further information), Alma - who use the less controlled Co2 option - plus many more like Lutronic etc

They are many plus points in buying from the Laser Market including the cheaper capital cost of the re-conditioned gynaecology laser system as well as:

  • Independent advice
  • Independent sourcing
  • Clinically proven systems
  • No sales jargon
  • Warranty
  • Training courses

All this knowledge helps you make an informed business choice and the correct choice in laser for now and the future.

We at the Laser Market work hard to ensure you get the best options available for the purchase of your re-conditioned gynaecology laser system.

The Gynaecology industry is a new and vibrant laser market with many of leading manufacturers now producing gynaecology laser systems. We have already seen Middle Eastern cheaper copycat systems on the market despite its infancy.

The rapid growth in the gynaecology market leaves older systems up for grabs at reduced costs. The reality of this is the systems are still perfectly fine and in working order but not the latest model BUT they could still be just a few months old!

If you are interested in selling your Gynaecology through the Laser Market's Used-Laser Sales Directory or direct to the Laser Market, or indeed want to part exchange your current laser, please contact us today.

A re-conditioned Gynaecology laser system represents a great opportunity to expand your business to new applications or to start your new business for an ever increasing demand.

Here at the Laser Market we have access to a wide range of re-conditioned gynaecology laser systems and if we don’t have the model that best fits your requirements we can usually source one for you.

We may also offer an alternative re-conditioned gynaecology laser system or re-conditioned intense pulsed light system that we think may fit your requirements for you to evaluate.

Contact the Laser Market  on 07484 245721 today to discuss your re-conditioned gynaecology laser system requirements.


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