Re-conditioned tattoo removal laser

Re-conditioned tattoo-removal lasers gives you the opportunity to own a quality, re-conditioned tattoo-removal laser from a reputable source. The re-conditioned tattoo removal lasers are also multi-platform systems very adept at treatments such as pigmentation removal. All our re-conditioned tattoo removal lasers are from our approved range of manufacturers and sources located both in Europe, worldwide and the UK.

Obviously a re-conditioned tattoo-removal laser is going to be cheaper than the cost of new tattoo-removal laser systems. The other advantages when buying though the Laser Market is the range of additional options and choices, such as finance opportunities.

The cost of a re-conditioned tattoo removal laser depends upon:

  • Age of the laser
  • Manufacturer of the laser
  • Specification of the laser
  • Service history of the laser
  • Accessories sold with the laser system, such as a cold air chiller
  • Training package provided
  • Sales package included


Note: Some of these options may not be available if you buy direct from the seller via the Laser Market's Re-Conditioned Laser Sales Directory - however their exclusion will possibly result in a lower purchase price.

The Laser Market brings together years of experience in the medical and aesthetic fields, including the ever-changing tattoo removal market. This market presence has allowed the Laser Market to build up a range of contacts and sources, both in the UK and worldwide, to source re-conditioned tattoo-removal lasers.

They are many plus points in buying from the Laser Market including:

  • We are Independently run for independent advice
  • Independent sourcing of equipment
  • Range of systems from old to new
  • No sales jargon and hype

All this knowledge helps you make an informed business decisions and the correct choice for a laser tattoo-removal system. At the Laser Market we aim to ensure you get the best options for the purchase of your re-conditioned tattoo removal laser system.

New technology seems to be available at every second turn and this coupled with the cheaper imports make the laser tattoo-removal business a daunting proposition but with our help it can be a success. The new technology means older systems become available at vastly reduced rates. The systems are still perfectly working and are checked and service prior to been sold and could be less than a year old but still classed as re-conditioned.

We also have access to the latest models.

If you are interested in selling your tattoo removal laser system or indeed want to part exchange your current laser, please contact us today at the Laser Market.

A re-conditioned tattoo removal laser system represents a great opportunity to expand your business to new applications or to start your business in an ever increasing market and don’t forget that most tattoo removal laser also perform pigmentation removal!

Benefits of a re-conditioned tattoo removal laser systems from the laser market are

  • Warranty and service support
  • Training options
  • Delivery and installation
  • Marketing guide

The Laser Market  has access to a wide range of re-conditioned tattoo removal laser systems and if we don’t have the model that best fits your requirements we can usually source one for you. We may also offer an alternative re-conditioned tattoo removal laser system or re-conditioned intense pulsed light system that we think may fit your requirements for you to evaluate.

Contact the Laser Market  on 07484 245721 today to discuss your re-conditioned tattoo-removal laser system requirements