Second-hand Syneron-Candella laser

A second-hand Syneron-Candella laser systems provides the option for you to make use of the distinctive Syneron and Candella brands at a mere fraction of the cost of a new Syneron / Candella laser.

Second-hand Syneron / Candella lasers represent a chance to acquire one of the very best laser systems on the market today at a fraction of the cost. It can be very difficult to identify the laser that best fits your requirements but with a second-hand Syneron or Candella laser you can be sure at least of quality.

Second-hand Syneron-Candella laser systems generally come about because the existing client wants to upgrade their current system or have decided on a different system or approach for their business.

Whether you are interested in the Alexandrite 'Trivantage', the CO2 'CO2RE' or one of the three Gentle' systems (GentleLase, GentleMax and GentleYag), the Laser Market can be your guiding hand. We can even help if you are tempted by the Picoway media hype.

Purchasing a second-hand Syneron-Candella laser through the Laser Market means you are getting a system that has been thoroughly checked, serviced and repaired, where necessary, to offer the very best of client experiences. Every such laser has had a thorough overhaul by one of our own Laser Engineers, to ensure that they are operating at the best possible efficiency, for effective treatment delivery.

Alternatively, you can purchase a second hand Candella Laser or Syneron Laser through the UK's Used-Laser Sales Directory, to get a system direct from the owner, without the use of middlemen, and the added cost that necessarily adds

Benefits of a secondhand Syneron / Candella laser system from the Laser Market include:

  • Possible transfer of remaining Manufacturers Warranty
  • Possible Training and Support
  • Choice of laser system to suit your (clients) needs

Here at the Laser Market we have access to a range of second hand Syneron & Candella Laser systems and if we don’t have the model you are interested in we can generally source it for you.

We may also be able to offer an alternative second hand laser system, or second-hand Intense Pulsed Light system, that we think may fit your requirements better.

Contact the Laser Market today to discuss your second-hand Candella / Syneron laser requirements.