Used Cutera laser

A used Cutera laser system gives you the chance to own a respected laser system in the Cutera brand at a mere fraction of the cost of a new Cutera laser system.

Whether you are interested in the Cutera Enlighten of the newer model Cutera XEO the Laser Market can be your guiding light.

There is a vast array of lasers, intense pulsed light system, manufactures hype, sales jargon and salesman’s hype out there. Here at the Laser Market we can help cut through the jargon and advise on the Used Cutera systems that is best for your practice.

As one of our manufacturers you can trust, buying a used Cutera laser system means you are certain of a system built to an exacting standard no matter what the age of usage.

Used Cutera laser systems generally come on the market as the existing client wants to upgrade, sell or part their current system. Did you know that you can sell your laser through the Laser Market Used-laser Sales Directory and we also offer part exchange!

Benefits of a Used Cutera laser system from the Laser Market can include:

  • Warranties available
  • Servicing options for many brands
  • Marketing · Business advice
  • Clinic locator
  • Reduced capital cost of purchase

At the Laser Market we access to a range of used Cutera laser systems and if we don’t have the model that best fits your requirements we can probably source one for you.

We may also be able offer an alternative used laser system or used intense pulsed light system that we think may fit your requirements for your evaluation.

Contact the Laser Market today to discuss your used Cutera laser requirements.