Used Fotona Laser

A used Fotona lasers systems offers an opportunity to discover Fotona lasers at a cost that is less than a new Fotona laser system.

The aesthetic market is a mind field of lasers, intense pulsed light system, manufacturers jargon and salesman’s hype . But in buying a used Fotona system you are certain of a system that is built to perfection no matter what its age of usage.

Fotona periodically will launch new applications and new lasers that are an advancement on the current portfolio. This is why we at the Laser Market can source used Fotona laser systems. A used Fotona laser system is a cheaper way to enter the wonderful Fotona family and start improving your business as well as your client experience.

Here at the Laser Market we can help you cut through the jargon and advice on the Used Fotona system for your practice.

Used Fotona systems generally come on the market as the existing client wants to upgrade, part exchange or sell their used Fotona laser system.

Benefits of a Used Fotona laser system from the Laser Market

  • Warranty
  • Training
  • Support
  • Accessories
  • Marketing and business advice
  • Demo
  • Reduced capital cost

At the Laser Market we access to a range of used Fotona laser systems and if we don’t have the model that best fits your requirements we can source one for you.

We may also offer an alternative used laser system or used intense pulsed light system that we think may fit your requirements for your evaluation.

Contact the Laser Market today to discuss your Used Fotona laser requirements.