Take the hassle out of selling your laser - Let the laser market sell your laser for you

At the Laser Market, we try to give both buyers and sellers the very best of totally independent advice, which is why we have come up with a variety of options to help sell your laser.

Option 1 – Sell direct to the end-buyer by advertising through the Laser Market in our Used-laser Sales Directory. Here you will deal with all enquiries, demo’s and all aspects of the sale; while we promote the system for you through our website and through our other marketing avenue’s such as Facebook.  

Option 2 – Allow us to actively sell your laser for you. In this case, we will actively promote your laser for sale, to anyone contacting the Laser Market, in a similar fashion to the manner in which we sell our own laser systems, and not just rely on our marketing.

Our fee for this service would be our standard advertising charge (£150 for three months paid in advance) plus 10% + VAT of the sale price as a commission fee for our services which would include:

  • Helping to set a realistic selling price for your system by studying the market, current trends & current hot lasers.
  • Being able to offer the potential buyer a part exchange for the system they are interested in, opening up another potential sale route not generally available to the private seller & buyer.
  • We will liaise to arrange demo’s with the client at your lasers' location. For an additional cost, we can even attend the demo if you are not available. If more suitable, we are currently looking at the option of having a showroom where your laser could be stored, demo and promoted to attending potential buyers.
  • We will deal with financing and invoicing the potential buyer so if they don’t have the right funds we can help them finance the machine.
  • We will provide marketing to support “free of charge” to any potential buyer so increasing the likelihood of you selling it. Marketing support would come via clinic lists on our website, posters, pop-up banners, patient leaflets (where appropriate). All in PDF form for their own clinic stamp and in hard copy form. We would also provide direct marketing for the clinic through our social media network like, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and google +.
  • All for free and to help you sell it. 


We can also offer an installation service by a qualified engineer for peace of mind of you and the buyer.

This would also include:

  • Pickup from your premises
  • Delivery to new customer
  • On site installation/service
  • Cost £750 + VAT

Alternatively, of course,Or the buyer can collect directly from you or you can arrange delivery yourself.

We suggest you offer the client a 30-day guarantee on the system to avoid any problems that would reflect on you or the Laser Market. The Laser Market can then offer your customer further service contracts on the equipment. The cost of service contracts are dependent on the system and the length of the service contract/warranty. Cost are normally between £750 & £5000 + VAT

We can also offer additional accessories that may not come with the system, such as laser hand-pieces, IPL handpieces and cooling systems.

Please see our accessories section for prices of laser hand pieces, coolers and suction units.


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