Have you considered part-exchange?

Purchasing a Laser, whether new or second-hand equipment, represents a significant financial investment, and it is not unusual for hind-sight to suggest that the cost-benefit analysis that led to a particular decision was not actually in your best long term interest.

Maybe you paid too much attention to some incorrect advice, maybe the local market conditions have changed, or maybe you were restricted by a limited budget.

Alternatively, you might simply be in a position to utilising the greater range of applications or power of a newer laser system for your clinic.

The questions is, what do you do with your old laser or IPL system? It cost too much to just throw away, and leaving it to gather dust in the corner of the room is not much of a better idea.

At the Laser Market we have a couple of options open to you for making the most of your old system in moving to a new laser

  • Sell it direct to a colleague through our Used-Laser sales directory
  • Part-exchange it for another model

Part-exchange means that we can take away your used equipment with a trade-in value against one of our New or Used laser systems.

We will consider any Laser or IPL system as a potential part-exchange. The value of the trade-in will depend upon a number of factors including:

  • Make and model of the used system
  • Its age and general condition
  • Usage & Service history
  • The value of the replacement system being purchased

A few important factors to consider when looking at part-exchange:

Your laser is never going to be worth as much as you paid for it, as it will have depreciated in value and no prospective buyer will be willing to pay the same price as for a brand new system. If you have looked after your laser with a regular service then your laser is going to be worth more than if you have not had regular maintenance; but a laser system purchased from a company that imports them rather than from a trusted UK distributor / supplier may have little residual value, no matter how reliable it has been.

At the Laser Market, part-exchanged systems will either be re sold in our Used Laser Sales Directory, utilised as a rental system, or used for parts and research.

Remember: You are likely to get more for your laser if you sell it privately than if you part-exchange your laser
Also bear in mind that you are likely to see a better part-exchange value if upgrading to a new laser system rather than buying an alternative used system.

For further details on the potential income available through part-exchanging your laser, please complete the contact form with your details together with full details of your current laser system and the model you are looking to part-exchange it for.


Alternatively, Sell your Laser by listing it on our Used-Laser Directory


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