Why sell your laser through the Laser Market Used-Laser Sales Directory

The Laser Market brings together a wealth of experience in the aesthetic and medical arenas in order to offer you a cost effective solution to sell your Laser or IPL system.

The purchase price of a laser or IPL system seldom represents disposable income, with costs usually mounting into the tens of thousands of pounds. Naturally, once your laser run its course; whether because you want to upgrade to the latest model (please see our part exchange options), you need to add further versatility to your practice or indeed you just want sell your laser system, the Laser Market has a cost effective solutions for you.

The Laser Market has created a unique advertising solution within this website, to allow you to advertise the sale of your system directly to potential customer looking for such equipment.

This unique, cost effective, solution allows you to promote your second-hand system in the manner you feel best, promoting its good points and encouraging a sale with the minimum of interference by the Laser Market staff.

There is of course certain required information such as

  • Make and Model
  • Age of System
  • Service History & Usage
  • Sale Price
  • A Photograph of the System for Sale
  • Your Name, Address and other Contact Details

If you require advice on any aspect of the sale information, including recommended selling price, our experienced team can offer suggestions to help you achieve the best price possible.

Once you have submitted the promotional and contact details, our team will provide you with payment details and then post your entry live to the Used-Laser Sales Directory.

We can make amendments to the price and other information whenever you require.

Interested parties will contact you directly to discuss the equipment and its potential purchase. The listing will remain live for 3 months or until you indicate that you wish the advert to be removed (For instance once a sale has been arranged). After three month, you could re-list, or look at alternative options such as part-exchanging for another system.

The Laser Market will take no commission fee from the sale, with payment being organised directly between yourself and your buyer. The Laser Market is acting solely as an advertising platform, unique to lasers and IPL system.


At a cost of £150 + VAT for up to 3 months of promotion, can you afford not to advertise to all these potential buyers?

Add your used laser to the Used-Laser Sales Directory now.


The Laser Market is UK’s premier independent authority on all things laser, IPL & aesthetic.

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