Alma Harmony XLi

Are you considering purchasing a Harmony XLi or other Alma system? Before you buy new, check out our range of used systems on the Laser Market's Used-Laser Sales Directory, or ask us about our laser warehouse stock for direct sale with guaranty and engineering support. 

The Harmony XLi from Alma is one of the world’s laser in the field of aesthetics.

Offering Intense Pulsed Light/IPL as well as laser hand pieces and with 28 different hand pieces to chose from, the applications and options available from the Harmony XLi are almost endless

The Harmony XLi system also benefits from revolutionary technology such as:

  • AFT – Advanced Florescence Technology 
  • SHR hand pieces
  • Dye-PL hand pieces
  • Built in Pro-option
  • Integrated cooling
  • Laser hand pieces
  • IMPACT ultrasound sonotrode for stretch marks, melasma, scars etc
  • iTED - combined fractional ablation and IMPACT sonotrode technology

The Laser Market may also be able to arrange Service your Alma Harmony system and offer support in the form of hand pieces, service contracts and repairs, so buying a used Harmony is a great option.

The Harmony XLi  laser system offers 4 different types of laser hand pieces

  • Er:YAG with a powerful pixel scanner to offer fractional skin rejuvenation treatments
  • Nd:Yag for vascular pigmentation and onychomycosis
  • Q switch 1064nm & 532nm for tattoo removal and pigmented lesions
  • Alexandrite 755nm for hair reduction and pigmented lesions

The Harmony XLi  system has a vast array of other hand pieces and technology available:

  • High powered UV
  • Acne handpiece
  • Dye-VL (pigmented and vascular lesions)
  • VL/PL (pigmented and vascular lesions)
  • SSR Skin rejuvenation
  • SHR Hair removal
  • NIR near infra-red for muscle and joint pain relief
  • SST pro for scar revision and stria
  • LED for various skin conditions

Please contact the Laser Market to discuss your requirements and see if we have a suitable used Harmony XLi platform system that can help your practice or have you considered the alternatives?


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Alma Harmony XLi

Harmony XLi

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