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In conjunction with Cardiff-based Advanced Esthetic Solutions the Laser Market is proud to introduce a new laser range to its portfolio of potential lasers for sale in the UK and abroad. 

Bios is a leading Italian manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the medical aesthetic market having been founded in 1982. Bios supply both cost-effective solutions as well as high performance devices, that are all designed with the practitioners needs in mind, based on feedback and worldwide key opinions.

Bios is located in Milan Italy where training workshops and laser demonstrations are often held. Bios laser demonstrations and training sessions are also held throughout the UK.

All lasers systems are certified for quality with the government agencies allowing sales in over 30 countries worldwide including the UK and Ireland.

When purcahsed through the Laser Market and our various Agents, the sales package will consist of warranty, point of sale material and full training package; meaning that you and your team will be ready for a great return on investment with one of the most innovative laser systems in the world today

Bios have some unique and innovative products that make them stand our form the crowd, such as:

TeamViewer ®

A remote servicing system that allows the Distributor and Bios servicing department to promptly perform product assistance remotely without the need to visit the system. This leads to reduced servicing costs and immediate product assistance.

Square pulse

This is a top hat bean profile with the energy being constant over the entire pulse resulting in less potential for burns or side effects and no overlapping of pulses.

Bios lasers can treat a variety of conditions such as 

  • The world’s fastest laser hair removal system for all skin types
  • Gynaecology
  • IPL
  • Tattoo removal
  • erbium
  • Nd:Yag treatments

Platform systems plus much more 


BIOS systems

Bios Epil8

Bios Epil8

The epil8 from BIOS offers the perfect combination of diode laser versatility & efficiency with the speed of Intense Pulse Light able to provide hair removal treatment for all skin types including Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI.

The epil8 diode delivers 810nm long-pulse laser energy to remove unwanted hair in a rapid and effective, non invasive manner for high quality treatments and outstanding client comfort.

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Epil8 Trilogy

Epil8 Trilogy

Laser hair-removal for all skin types.    

Three wavelengths in one applicator


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