BIOS Epil8 Trilogy

Available in the UK through the Laser Market

Hair removal for all skin types


The latest most up-to-date technology to emerge from BIOS is the Trilogy laser, which has the same specifications as the Alma Platinum Ice just substantially cheaper to purchase and maintain and with more power.

The laser works by delivering 3 wavelengths in one applicator. The 3 different wavelengths are emitted at the same time to reach the different depths and target chromophores of the hair delivery optimal results.

  • Alexandrite 755nm is a powerful energy selected and absorbed by the melanin chromophore, making it ideal for skin types 1-3 and fine, thin hair
  • 810nm diode works deeper in the hair follicle and is less absorbed by melanin, making it safer for dark skin hair removal with deeper penetration and great absorption by the hair bulb.
  • 1064nm works by targeting the blood supply of the hair follicle and high absorption in water making it the ideal choice for dark skin hair removal and tanned skin. Great depth of penetration and greater absorption by capillaries that feed the hair bulb.

The Bios Epil Trilogy has a large spot size - 12x20mm - and high frequency - 10hz - for fast relatively-painless treatments thanks to the sapphire cooling chip operated at the tip of the headpiece.

The Bios Trilogy has a US-original diode array, so lifetime expectancy of the handpiece is ~10 million shots with a guarantee of 5 million which no other manufacturer offers.

The Bios also has a 8” true-colour TFT touch screen interference and 3 treatment modes

  • Professional mode: the software has open parameter interface for professional practitioners, which can also record the parameters when set. There is also a pre-set within the software for less experienced operators
  • Fast mode: For fast painless hair removal treatment
  • Small area mode: For small areas like face, axilla and bikini.

Software updates are free with a USB bringing easy servicing for the software

The laser is also available as a rental option for a try before you buy.

Agree to a 12-month contract

  • 3 months’ payments upfront
  • After 12 months, agree to purchase (50% refund of rental paid off purchase price)
  • Carry on renting
  • Give it back 

For further details, Contact the Laser Market

Included with purchase system

  • 1-year warranty
  • Marketing Support
  • Full training
  • Delivery and installation
  • Team viewer software- ability to remotely monitor laser to avoid engineer call outs and quick and easy fault diagnostics
  • Large applicator
  • Laser market support package (not available with rental)
  • Exclusivity of area
  • Part exchange
  • Upgrade possibilies

 Download a brochure for more information on the BIOS Epil8 Trilogy laser

Please contact the laser market and see how much you can save when compared to Soprano platinum Ice and other competitors

Epil8 Trilogy

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