Cutera Enlighten

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The Enlighten from Cutera promises to power through stubborn discolouration and unwanted tattoos with enlighten™ — the world’s first dual wavelength (1064 nm + 532 nm) and dual pulse-duration (750 ps + 2 ns) laser system featuring class-leading treatment parameters and customization.

The Cutera Enlighten as also comes with a range of spot sizes available for deeper penetration of unwanted tattoo ink or pigmentation 2-8mm.

The cutera enlighten laser system incorporates a number of features that make it a popular laser system for tattoo removal and a number of other applications

  • 1064nm and 532nm
  • Pico and nano second technology
  • Variable spot sizes
  • 2 minute start-up time
  • Touch screen navigation



Whether pico-second laser is any more effective than nano-second delivery at pigment removal is still very much open to question, with several studies doubting the validity of the claim. Any improvement in efficacy that m,ay eventually become apparent, needs to be balanced against the increased cost of purchase of a pico-second system

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