Cynosure Laser Servicing & Support

The Laser Market is a unique company offering not only 100% totally independent advice but also a range of lasers including; new lasers, used lasers and  ex-demonstration & re-conditioned lasers from many brands including cynosure. The Laser Market will only sell systems it can support in terms of servicing, training, warranties so you always have us to rely on.

Not bought your laser from the Laser Market? Not a problem we can still support your Cynosures laser with on-going servicing and support.

By allowing the Laser Market to maintain your Cynosure laser, with either a one of visit or one of our service plans, you are increasing the lifespan of your laser and as such increasing your return on investment.

We offer a range of flexible services for your Cynosure laser including:

Pre-purchase Laser Assessment – If you have found a cynosure that you want to buy, maybe from a private sale, but wonder about the lasers' history and current state, then contact the Laser Market for our one-off laser assessment.  Our experienced Laser Engineers will be able to give you a full report on the lasers current condition and if they believe it will needs any replacement parts now in the near future. Remember even if the laser looks fine from the outside there is no knowing what the internal components are like.

Whilst we can never guarantee you won't find issues later on, it might provide you with the peace of mind to purchase, or the secure knowledge that you are better off walking away.

Parts– Do you need a particular Cynosure part? maybe a sacrificial lens or a filter? Then contact the Laser Market, where we can provide the components you require as excellent prices.

Call-out– If your Cynosure Laser has an issue, the Laser Market can offer a one-off visit to assess the problem & repair where possible. We normal do a quick assessment over the phone which may point to a particular problem so we can come with any parts necessary. All our engineers are fully training in Cynosure lasers and we use only genuine cynosure parts. 

Laser service visit– If you want to ensure your Cynosure Laser system is still operating as good it could, the Laser Market can arrange for either a single Service visit, or you can take advantage of one of our more comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plans. 

A stand-alone service visit includes the cost of the engineer, any travel costs, our prices are the same no matter where you are in the country.  Service consumables where appropriate. It is worth noting our prices are the same regardless of how long the engineer is on-site - so you don't have to worry about sky-rocketing costs if the job turns out to take longer than expected. Have more than one laser? Not a problem we can offer a discount for any subsequent laser as well.

Preventative Maintenance Plan – All of our Preventative Maintenance Plans are designed to offer a straightforward solution and value for money. If you want a particular service plan, then we can offer a bespoke package for you as well.

We have a Preventative Maintenance Plan that includes the Annual Service visit plus a discount of parts, hand-pieces and a discount of any further call outs should you ever need one.

Our most comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plan includes your Annual Service plus one further call out during the year, together with a larger discount off parts and a discount off any other call-outs needed during the year.

The Laser Market offers servicing on most Cynosure models - except currently the Picosure but this may change in the near future!

If you want to discuss engineering needs for your current laser or IPL, Contact the Laser Market  as we l may be able to provide a service at a considerably lower cost that you would expect.


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