An independent opinion when you need it most

Are you thinking about buying a laser from an independent seller?

Whether you've seen a laser on the Laser Markets' Used-Laser Directory, or you have found a laser system through other means, you need to know if the laser is fully functional, or is it about to fall to pieces.

The old adage  "Buyer Beware " is never more true than when about to invest thousands (or maybe tens of thousands) on something someone else decides they no longer want!

The Solution - an independent appraisal from a Specialist Laser Engineer.

These are not guarantees - that would cost a great deal more - but, similar to a mechanics pre-sale assessment you might get when buying a second-hand car, our pre-sales laser assessments can give you the confidence to part with your hard earned savings, or warn you of potential issues to make you look elsewhere.

For just £750 our Engineers will provide you with a full laser assessment:


Honestly, can you afford to take the gamble and buy a laser without an expert appraisal?



The Laser Market is UK’s premier independent authority on all things laser, IPL & aesthetic.

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