Elits Wellness - Italian Laser and Aesthetic equipment manufacturer

Combining the strength of Italian Manufacturing with decades of Aesthetic Equipment experience

Elits are new to the UK market, but don't let that mislead you; they bring with them decades of experience in producing high quality Laser, IPL and other Aesthetic Devices, which have been sold throughout their home territory of Italy as well as around the world, including Russia, Portugal Germany and Spain.

Formally known as Elits Wellness, the company is part of a well rounded Elits group which operates across Pharmacology, Medicine and Beauty markets.

All Elits' equipment is 100% made in Italy, and the company is the only player in the Aesthetic Market to have been awarded the "100% made in Italy" Kite Mark by the Italian Government. There is no re-badging of far East technologies and parts with Elits. Everything is made and assembled in Italy.

In entering the UK Laser market, Elits is offering the system through their new UK Distributor Beehive Solutions. All the products have been meticulously reconfigured to meet UK needs, whilst retaining their exceptional functionality. Each device is backed by UK servicing and support, together with Beehive Solutions' award winning customer service provision.

If you are interested in elits non-laser products for Face, Body & Beauty; be sure to check out their entries on the AestheticMarket.co.uk.


Elits Lasers

Epil808 Diode laser

Epil808 Diode laser

The elits epil808 laser from elits brings a quality, Italian-made, diode laser system to the UK at a price that, pound for pound, is the best on the market.

The elits epil808 is a laser designed solely for hair removal; on ALL skin types and ALL hair types; with the hand-piece Guaranteed for 5 Million shots -

That's right 5,000,000 shots Guaranteed!

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