Elits Epil808 Diode laser

The epil808 laser from elits brings a quality, Italian-made, diode system to the UK at a price that, pound for pound, is the best on the market.

5 million shot count guarantee on the laser diode applicator.  That is correct - 5 million shots! There is no other laser we know of that will provide you a 5 million shot guarantee for this amount of money!

The epil808 is a laser designed solely for hair removal, on ALL skin types and ALL hair types. It uses the thermal interaction between the laser and the hair bulb, in a a process known as “selective photothermolysis”, to destroy the hair follicle. The laser beam is traversed across the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicles and the resultant increase in temperature leads to the destruction of the bulb.

To read more about laser hair removal click here.

The elits epil808 diode laser emits laser energy at 808nm, a wavelength which is selectively absorbed by the melanin pigment. Increased absorption means better targeted heat rise and this gives better hair destruction results.

As typical for all laser hair reduction treatments, sessions with the epil808 laser diode are spaced from 4 weeks to 8 weeks apart,  as only hair in the anagen phase of growth can be destroyed with each treatment.

Why pay more for other diode systems that do exactly the same job such as the Soprano Ice, or Soprano Xl or Lumenis?


The epil808 laser comes with a 2 year standard warranty and a 5 million laser diode warranty.

Elits Epil808 Diode laser

It is also supplied with a marketing pack, consisting of posters and pop up banners, as well as patient leaflets.

The machine is easy to use; with an 8.4" colour LCD touch-screen interface, and incorporates a 'Basic' mode to rapid selection of standard treatment parameters and an 'Advanced' mode for the more experienced practitioner.

A full day system training course together with delivery and installation is included in the price.

We've said it before - we'll say it again: This really is the best, pound for pound, laser diode on the market today


Technical specification

  • Headpiece                  808 nm Laser diode
  • Spot size                     12mm x 12mm
  • Energy density           2 - 120 j/cm2
  • Pulse duration           5  -100 mS
  • Frequency                 0.5 - 10 Hz
  • Power                        300 Wwatt
  • Cooling hand piece   0 to 3 degrees C


Elits Epil808 Diode laser

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