Fotona XP Specto, Nd:YAG laser system

Fotona XP Spectro

The Fotona XP Spectro laser offers an industry leading number of treatments from its advanced platform. The Fotona XP Spectro is an ideal choice for new clinics and clinics wishing to advance to a Fotona laser system from their current equipment.

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The Fotona XP Spectro laser offers high quality, fast, efficient treatments in the fields of aesthetics and surgery without compromising efficacy.

The Fotona XP Spectro laser system has a 35 watt Nd:YAG engine offering different pulse configurations to be able to offer a wide range of applications at no extra cost and no need for additional hand pieces of software.

Non-ablative Nd:YAG lasers are a extremely popular choice of laser in an extremely lucrative marketplace. Nd:YAG is proven as a gold standard in hair removal, skin rejuvenation, vascular treatments and much more. Fotona Xp Spectro Nd:YAG laser emits laser energy at 106nm which is proven to minimize discomfort while showing exceptional efficiently and long term results

Fotona Xp Spectro laser offers many enhancements over its rivals in the fact that is has

  • Top hat beam profile (delivers uniform energy, consistently)
  • Fotona revolutions FRAC3 (fractional Nd:YAG pulse) three dimensional treatment parameter delivers uniform pulses directly to the tissue meaning less of the surrounding tissues are affected. This ensures fast treatment times and less patient discomfort ie Fotona’s Avalanche hair removal procedure
  • Fotona revolutionary PIANO mode (super long pulse) for bulk heating of tissue. The pulse is longer than the relaxation time of the epidermis so does not cause any initial temperature peaks in the epidermis so is great for deep lying structures and treatments like skin tightening.
  • VSP (variable square pulse) patented technology to deliver square pulses of laser energy for controlled absorption minimising unnecessary absorption in body tissues to ensure ultimate performance, safety and patient comfort
  • EFC (energy feedback control) is a core safety feature which constantly monitors the energy of each pulse delivered by the laser system to ensure it is exact and the same as every other pulse delivered. It also ensure that what the user believes they are delivering in terms of energy is correct

 Fotona's XP Spectro Laser system not only offers a wide variety of ND:YAG treatments such as

But also surgical treatments including

  • Laser lipolysis
  • Laser assisted hyperhidrosis
  • Evdovenous laser ablation of varicose veins

The XP Spectro is a more compact and less powerful version of the Fotona top-of-the-range XP Dynamis laser system, which offers up to 80 watts of Nd:YAG power permitting even faster, more efficient, treatments.

You may also be interested in Fotona' flagship model; the Fotona SP Dynamis dual laser system with both Nd:YAG with Erbium:YAG laser sources for a vast array of applications.

On purchasing a Fotona XP Spectro in the UK, the purchase package includes not only the laser but also:

  • Full System Training
  • Delivery and installation
  • Marketing pack
  • Information pack
  • Cooling system with 3 year warranty
  • Excellent value, service packages
  • Part Exchange option
  • R33 hand piece with standard 2mm, 4mm and 9mm spotsizes
  • R34 hand piece with 15mm and 20mm spotsizes
  • 3 pairs laser protection goggles


Clinic Owner & Therapist Testimonial.

"I spent months touring and discussing with many medical and cosmetic professionals in clinics. Eventually a consistent picture built up. Other more well known lasers were offered, but the Fotona won me over with its offering of fractional treatment that produces consistent medical grade results to the client."

    K Cheema. Beau Laser. London

Fotona XP Specto

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