Fotona XS Dynamis

Fotona's XS Dynamis is the baby of the new generation of resurfacing lasers but still provides a complete platform for rejuvenation. Its functionality ranges from superficial to deep peels and from non-ablative to fully ablative and fractional resurfacing techniques. The Fotona XS Dynamis is the next generation of resurfacing laser and resurfacing has never been so versatile.


  • Highest Performance
  • Complete resurfacing platform
  • Ablation and coagulation precise control
  • V smooth technology
  • Turbo technology
  • User friendly
  • 24 pre-set rejuvenation programs  

The 3rd Generation of Resurfacing laser

One of the fastest growing areas of aesthetic/cosmetic treatments is skin rejuvenation. The clinician has become an artist in the field of resurfacing and with the Fotona XS you really do have a complete palate to be able to work from. The Fotona’s new XS Dynamis you are able to reverse the signs of aging and give skin back a healthy glow and a younger look that defies belief. There are 24 pre-set programs on the XS Dynamis that can be utilised and further fine-tuned using digital ablation and coagulation depth indicators to gain the optimum outcome and fully predictable. This unique feature makes the XS Dynamis a leading piece of equipment. The Fotona XS Dynamis utilises a high performance Er:YAG laser that is fully adaptable to any treatment settings in both full field and fractional resurfacing.

Fast recovery guaranteed with predictable fractional scanning

The Fotona XS Dynamis utilises a F-Runner fractional scanning system alongside fully customized treatment control features to allow a perfect balance of treatment with regards to depth and intensity with an acceptable patient downtime. The F-Runner works by ablating micron-diameter channels that initiate would healing. This causes a stimulation of new collagen and elastin and hence a younger looking healthier skin. Due to the precise controls and nature of the F-Runner the surrounding skin remains intact and so promotes the rapid healing process. The use of fractional scanning increases the general thickness of the skin and turgor a truly healthier look and feel to the skin. All the features of the Fotona XS Dynamis promote a greater level of patient comfort and shorter healing times. The computer controlled scanning methods adopted by the Fotona XS Dynamis gives unrivalled accuracy and uniformity with large areas procedures.

Industry leading Full Field Ablation Options

Within the cosmetic industry the use of full-field ablation remains the mainstay and the most accepted way of achieving the desired level of skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. The S-Runner computer-controlled scanning system allows the client to achieve natural-looking results with an accuracy and control not found in its rivals. The S-Runner scanner offers an industry leading wide range of treatment options from light peels to deep peels to Non-ablative Thermal.

The safest most precise system on the market today

The Fotona XS Dynamis offers simple controls, innovative and unique safety features and easy to use pre-set treatment parameters that not only make the work easier but safer and more efficient with a greater level of patient comfort than ever seen before such as:

VSP technology – A square pulse eliminating needless energy to the skin

EFC – Energy feedback control – Checking and controlling each pulse of laser energy, ensuring the output is exactly matched for a safe and effective treatment avoiding uncontrolled energy fluctuations

Both of these core Fotona technologies gives piece of mind not only the user but also to the client knowing that the parameter set will be delivered safely and precisely throughout the treatment cycle.

Key Treatments

The Fotona XS Dynamis Er:YAG laser is a Golden Standard in

  • Laser peels
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fractional treatments
  • Pigmented lesion treatments
  • Acne
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Skin tightening
  • Scar revision

Maximising Potential

Tissue effect indicator – This shows the balance between ablative and coagulation heating effects. Allowing a quick and easy estimate of the nature of the treatment and the expected outcome. This shortens the users learning curve and improves results and safety

PS Technology – This features adds a minimally invasive, fractional effect to the basic VSP Er:YAG ablative regimes without altering the characteristics of the laser beam. This lessens the adverse effects of ablative treatments. This is available thought the PST hand pieces

Turbo Mode – Emits a rapid sequence of identical pulses in precisely the same spot serving to enhance ablation depth creating more sharply defined, high definition micro-channels.

V Smooth Technology – High coagulation, minimally ablative treatment modality based around a specially designed and developed scanning speed enhancing solution. Individual spots are irradiated for an optimal time prior to treatment at computer controlled intervals allowing optimal energy for maximum effect whilst maintaining unrivalled patient safety and comfort.

F-Runner Er:YAG Scanner – Computer controlled scanner designed to administer sharp fractional treatments with unrivalled precision and accuracy.

S-Runner Er:YAG Scanner – 4mm spot size and 16cm2 area for full field resurfacing. An ergonomic design offering adjustable scan areas, shapes and patterns along with 3 pulse deposition regimes to enhance versatility, accuracy and precision over larger treatment areas.

Technical Data

Er:YAG laser

Laser wavelength:

2940 nm

Max. pulse energy:

3000 mJ

Max. average power:

20 W


VSP Mode: 100 microseconds


SP Mode: 300 microseconds


LP Mode: 600 microseconds


VLP Mode: 1000 microseconds


XLP Mode: 1500 microseconds


SMOOTH mode: 250 miliseconds (with equally-spaced SP pulses)


V-SMOOTH mode with S-Runner Scanner: 100-500 ms

Max. frequency:

50 Hz


0.3 to 12 mm

Beam delivery type:

FeatherLight arm


"Fotona lasers are made in Europe and confidently state that they are "The highest performance, best made laser systems in the world." The one word translation: Reliability. I speak from experience. I helped pioneer Erbium Laser Resurfacing 15 years ago utilizing a Fotona Er:YAG laser, and presented the data at the ASLMS Annual Meeting in 1997. My Fotona laser is now in its second decade of use, and needed only one minor service call to change out a mirror. I can confidently add yet another one word translation: Dependability!"
Albert J. Nemeth, MD

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