Lumenis Laser & IPL hand-pieces

Lumenis IPL and Laser systems often need a replacement hand piece as the effectiveness of the hand piece has diminished leading to the handpiece no longer working due to the software within the hand piece (known as the "ibutton") "turning it off”.

By using a 3rd-party supplier such as the Laser Market, you can save you a substantial sum of money when compared with Distributor prices and manufacturer prices. - 

You may also consider our service opportunities to save you eve more money?

You can also purchase new or refurbished Lumenis hand pieces from the laser market which will allow you to expand your treatment portfolio even further and get an even better return on investment for your laser or IPL. 

We have Lumenis laser / IPl hand pieces for a range of systems, including:

  • Lumenis lightsheer systems.
    • Life expectancy of these hand-pieces are 5 million. Guaranteed for 1 year or 1 million shots
  • Lumenis quantum for only £600 per hand piece!
  • We also have hand piece for the other Lumenis systems as well as for a range of other manufacturers and systems. 
    Contact us today with your requirements and I am sure we can help.

We also offer a repair service for your hand piece if it still has shots left on it but has failed. This straight-forward to operate scheme simply requires you to send your non-working hand-piece to us, we give a quote for repair and you decide if you want the work completed.

Refurbished hand pieces are where we take your hand piece and replace the necessary parts like the flash lamp, filters, housing and re-set the counter. This is cheaper than buying a new hand piece. 

Whether we repair, refurbished or provide a new Lumenis handpiece, we always use original manufactures parts. Unlike many other third-party providers, we do not cheap alternatives brought in from the Far East.

Our engineers are fully trained and as such we guarantee your 100% satisfaction in our work.

A Lumenis laser or IPL is a very good system but will still need replacing at some point. 

How to refurbish or replace an Lumenis Hand-piece through the Laser Market

  • Tell us which hand piece you require replacement or repair.
  • We accordingly quote for either the repair of hand piece or the cost of the replacement, which could be new or refurbished.
  • We invoice you for the work and once paid deliver the new hand-piece back to you
  • If you order a new handpiece, we take your old hand-piece in stock in order to refurbish it ready for sale and you get £150 off your next purchase with us

Call the Laser Market today and let us save you money.


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