Formal assessment of your laser

Lasers are a complex and expensive pieces of equipment. Occasionally, they are bound to go wrong and, in most cases, you have the support of the manufacturer or Supplier to help you through such issues. But, particularly with the mid’ to lower priced end of the market, manufacturer / Supplier post-sales support can be conspicuous by its absence.

So, what happens when problems arise? What do you do if you suspect your laser is not performing as it should, but you cannot raise the interest of the company you purchased it from?

What if you are not getting the clinical results you had expected? Is it poor technique? Or is the laser not performing as it should?
What if you are getting adverse reactions? Or patient complaints?

Where do you turn?

The Laser Market can introduce you to a qualified and experienced Laser Engineer who will perform an in-depth examination and assessment of your laser and provide an independent, formal, engineer report.

From our experience, you would not be the first person to buy a laser based on price alone. Even experienced laser practitioners, have been known to be swayed by a great advert and low price. REMEMBER THERE IS A REASON WHY SOMETHING IS CHEAP!

Lower priced lasers are often imported and re-badged as a UK branded machine to be sold at a fraction of the cost of trusted manufactures and suppliers. Some work; some don’t; and generally the support received from the companies that sold them is none existent.

For example. 

We were approached by a clinic in Bradford, that bought a laser for Hair Removal and used it for 5 months without any positive clinical results at all. When approached, the company that sold the laser did not want to know. On request, our Laser Engineer examined the laser and produced a formal Report indicating that; regardless of power settings selected, or the settings displayed on the screen; the laser provided a single energy output value. This energy output was insufficient to provide treatment, but equally it could have been at a value which would do irreparable harm to the client. The clinic has now been forced to close, as its reputation has been destroyed and the owners are using the Engineer Report to fight through the courts to try to get their money back and start again.

Another clinic on the South Coast bought a mid-cost Q-switch laser from a distributor, which did not appear to work as promised. Not trusting the Supplier, the owners paid for an independent laser assessment which showed that the laser was delivering only 20% of the energy that it should have been and was therefore dangerous to use. The clinic has subsequent purchased the new, UK made, Zeolight q-switch system and is going through trading standards and small claims court to seek recompense from their original supplier

So, if you have a laser which you believe is providing inconsistent or inadequate power output, your suppliers do not offer sufficient support or you are worried about your laser for any other reason, Contact the the Laser Market today for an independent Laser Assessment.

A formal laser assessment may be required in support of an insurance claim, to verify laser energy delivery, or in legal cases.

Alternatively if you are considering a second-hand laser purchase, Contact the Laser Market for a Pre-Purchase Laser Appraisal, to ensure that the laser is performing within expected specifications.


Prices dependent on laser system, nature of report required and geographical location.

For more information, contact The Laser Market with full details of your requirements



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