The Laser Market's Laser Inspection process

Lasers are complex pieces of equipment that, when working correctly can be the back bone of a successful business. If the laser is not working correctly though, it can equally destroy a business.

At the Laser Market we have warehouse stock that consists of lasers which we have acquired in part exchange and lasers that we have purchased from UK and international suppliers. (In addition, of course there is the Laser Market Used-laser Sales Directory, where you will also find lasers being sold directly from the seller).

If you buy a laser direct from the Lasers Market, rather than through the Used-Laser Directory, you have the reassurance of knowing that we perform an upto 25-point bespoke engineering inspection-check prior to sale. (Actual inspection schedule is according to the type of laser being assessed).

The Laser Market upto 25-point inspection check includes:

  • Calibration - Laser
  • Realignment - Delivery fibre
  • Realignment - Articulated arm
  • Inspection - YAG laser head
  • Inspection - Alex laser head
  • Inspection - Erbium Head
  • Replacement - Flash lamp - YAG (if necessary)
  • Replacement - flash lamp - Alexandrite (if necessary)
  • Replacement - flash lamp - Erbium (if necessary)
  • Replacement - filter swap
  • Inspection - CPU board
  • Inspection - HVPS
  • Flush - System cooling system
  • Check - Delivery system and hand piece
  • Check - Hand piece trigger assembly
  • Check - Cooling system (internal / external)
  • Check - System screen alignment 
  • Check - Internal lens and clean or replace as necessary
  • Check - Hand piece lens and clean or replace as necessary
  • Check - Electrics of laser
  • Check - Power measurements
  • Clean - Laser and accessories
  • Clean - Optics and lens
  • Check - Safety features
  • Check - Laser goggles

All these systems checks ensure that when we deliver a laser to you it is in the best condition as well as obviously at the most competitive price.

We can source nearly every make and model of laser in world so if you don’t see it then please ask and we may be able to help.

Alternatively view some of current warehouse stock on the Laser Market Used-Laser Sales Directory as well as stock being advertised by third parties. And, if you are are looking to sell or buy a laser, we can arrange for the system to be check by our engineer as part of a pre-purchase/pre-sale inspection.


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