Second-hand Beauty Laser

Buying a second-hand beauty laser system through the used laser warehouse of the Laser Market offers the chance to purchase a beauty orientated laser or Intense Pulsed Light unit from a choice of manufacturers from the UK and around the world at a fraction of the cost of new.

The price of the second-hand beauty laser from the Laser Market varies according to the manufacturer, age of the laser, the specification of the laser and the hand-pieces and other accessories sold with the system.

When considering a Beauty system there are a few things to consider:

   Do you want an IPL or a laser?  Do you know the difference? Download and read our free guide on the difference between IPL and laser.

   Do you want a more advanced laser?

  Do you actually want a laser or IPL or is body contouring a better market for you? Please have a look at our sister website - the Aesthetic Market - for a wide range on non-laser equipment.

   Do want an industry leader? Or a cheap import? Read our guide to Manufacturers you can trust

Many types of second-hand beauty lasers are readily available from the Laser Market. Call today to discuss

IF you are unsure of which one would suit your requirements contact us for more details.

The process of buying a second-hand Beauty laser is difficult and costly so any help and advice especially when free is surely worth it? For instance,  Do you know what the current training standards are for the industry? All advice is good advice and is vital to you, your business and ultimately your clients. What have you got to loose? To read more about buying a second-hand beauty laser or IPL Read our laser buying guide.

Purchase can either be made via the Laser Markets expert team, or direct from the current owner through the Laser Market's Used Laser Sales Directory - Always worth a look to see if your preferred laser is currently listed.

You can of course Advertise your own equipment on the site, all we do is take a small advertising fee.

The Laser Market has access to a large range of second-hand beauty lasers from its contacts and sources both in the UK and worldwide. Please read our suppliers list for details of beauty lasers we regularly deal with.

The advantage of buying from the Laser Market is that the second-hand beauty laser is going to be cheaper than the cost of a new beauty laser. You will also get the opinion of an independent source which will help with confusing sales jargon and manufactures hype.

By purchasing a second-hand Beauty laser system through the Laser Market it means you are getting a quality laser system that has been fully checked by one of our service engineers and has a full warranty

As the world of beauty changes systems are always coming onto the market and we at the Laser Market are in a position to offer them to you.

Benefits of a Second-Hand beauty laser system from the Laser Market are

  • Warranty and business support
  • Marketing assistance
  • Manufacturers you can trust
  • Installation
  • Finance packages
  • + much more

Here at the Laser Market we access to a wide range of second-hand beauty laser systems and if we don’t have the model that best fits your requirements we can source one for you.

We may also offer an alternative second-hand laser system or used intense pulsed light system that we think may fit your requirements for you to evaluate.

Contact the Laser Market  on 07484 245721 today to discuss your second-hand beauty laser system requirements