Do you know where your laser has come from?

When you buy a laser, you are making an investment in your business.

Whether you select an entry level system, with a plan to upgrade as the income increases; or take the plunge and purchase a mid' or high-end system from the outset; you need to understand exactly what you are getting for your money - and what you are not.

Has the system been manufactured with quality-controlled European or American engineering? Or has the manufacturer used low-cost components from the far east?

Are the component parts mass produced bolt-on items, or purpose built for optimum performance? Even some well known 'Western' systems are either, assembled in the far-East, or use parts mass produced elsewhere and shipped in to the manufacturing plant for the final assembly

Are you able to secure engineering services at an acceptable price, or does the manufacturer charge excessive service or call-out fees?

Do you have the security of a manufacturers warranty? And if so, do you have to return the system to the supplier to fix, or will they provide a replacement unit so you can continue with your business during any down time?

If Service Charges or Repairs are an issue; The Laser Market might be able to offer a competitive Service contract, using independent qualified laser engineers.


Fore-warned is fore-armed : Review our manufacturer pages and general advice before committing yourself.


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