Second-hand hair-removal / hair-reduction laser

Laser hair removal remains the number one sought after laser treatment making it vital you get the right system into your practice and the Laser Market has years of experience in the laser aesthetic and laser hair removal business.

A second-hand hair-removal (hair-reduction) laser system offers the chance to purchase quality; clinically proven, different wavelength, second-hand hair removal lasers from our approved range of manufacturers and sources. These sources and manufacturers can be found both internationally and domestically.

At the Laser Market, all available second-hand hair-removal (hair-reduction) laser systems  in our laser warehouse will be a cheaper option than buying new. The Laser Market has also developed additional sales points and additional options that make a second-hand hair-removal laser system from the Laser Market the purchase of choice.

The cost of the second-hand hair removal (hair-reduction) laser system is dependent on a variety of factors that can include the following:

  • Age of the laser
  • Manufacturer; UK, European or Worldwide
  • Training and service package included
  • Application range of laser
  • Accessories sold with the laser system such as a cold air chiller
  • Whether you buy direct from the seller via the Laser Market's Used-Laser Sales Directory

Do you know the difference between IPL and laser? Read our free-to-download guide, Does your client know the difference?

When you look at other clinics in the area, how many advertise Laser hair removal but are using a IPL?

Our knowledge of the market and the years’ worth of experience (over 20) has allowed us to build up a range of contacts and sources, both in the UK and worldwide, to source second-hand hair removal lasers for our clients. The range of manufactures’ from whom we have hair removal lasers systems available include Candela, Cynosure, Alma lasers, Lumenis, UK-made IPL systems as well as industry leaders Fotona systems which perform the new avalanche procedure.

They are many plus points in buying second-hand hair-removal lasers systems from the Laser Market including

Independently run for advice

  • Range of laser and intense pulsed light systems
  • A system to suit all budgets
  • PX welcome
  • Rental options
  • Finance options
  • Second-hand system in our Used-Laser Sales Directory

The hair removal industry is still growing with more and more people are wanting laser hair-removal treatments (read our guide on laser hair removal). Due to this growth, manufactures continue to innovate; which means older systems become available and we at the Laser Market pick them up to offer to you as second-hand systems. The systems working perfectly after being safety checked and serviced prior to being sold. 

If you are interested in selling your hair-removal laser system or indeed want to part exchange your current laser, please contact us today at the Laser Market.

A second-hand hair removal laser system represents a great opportunity to offer your clients the chance for virtually pain free, permanent hair removal treatments that will expand your current business or be the building blocks of a new business.

Here at the Laser Market, we have access to a wide range of second-hand hair-removal laser systems and if we don’t have the model that best fits your requirements we can usually source one for you.

We may also offer an alternative second-hand hair removal laser system or second-hand intense pulsed light system that we think may fit your requirements for you to evaluate.

Contact the Laser Market  on 07484 245721 today to discuss your Second-hand hair removal laser system requirements