Used Lumenis Laser

A used Lumenis laser system offers the chance to purchase a highly respected and award winning laser platform from one of the recognised top laser manufactures in the word. All this technology comes at a fraction of the cost of a new Lumenis laser system.

The price of the used Lumenis laser from the Laser Market varies according to the age of the system, the specification of the system, the hand pieces sold with the system, and its service history. Used systems may also be available direct from the current owner through the Used-Laser Sales Directory, so that is always worth a check

The Laser Market has access to a large range of used Lumenis lasers as a result of its many contacts and sources, both in the UK and worldwide. Wa also have access to many other laser and Intense Pulsed Light systems from other manufacturers like Cynosure, Lynton, Fotona, and Ellipse etc. You will also get the opinion of an independent source to cut through the confusing sales jargon and manufactures hype. To see more about how we can advise, see our Laser Buying guide, or download our free download factsheets. All this information and assistance will help your business to make an informed choice.

At the Laser Market, we will ensure you get the best possible deal for your purchase of a used Lumenis laser system.

As Lumenis make advancements in the field of medical aesthetics older systems become less attractive with clinics and business wanting the latest models. This means the Laser Market can pick up quality, used Lumenis laser system at dramatically reduced costs, as well as sometimes the latest models.

A used Lumenis laser system represents great solutions to expand your business portfolio or to start a new clinic or business from a manufacture you can trust and a supply company you can trust.

The benefits of a used Lumenis laser system from the Laser Market can include:

  • marketing
  • Industry recognised manufacturer
  • Installation
  • Reduced capital cost

Here at the Laser Market we access to a wide range of used Lumenis laser systems and if we don’t have the model that best fits your requirements we can source one for you.

We may also offer an alternative used laser system or used intense pulsed light system that we think may fit your requirements for your evaluation.

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