Laser / IPL Core of Knowledge

Obtaining a laser Core of Knowledge understanding is the first and basic step of laser and IPL training.

The requirement for laser and IPL users to hold such certification and a recommended syllabus for the course was outlined in the UK Department of Health’s 2008 MHRA document:

Guidance on the safe use of lasers, intense light source systems and LEDs in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practices”,

which has since been updated and reissued in September 2015 in the new guidance document:

"Lasers, intense light source systems and LEDs – guidance for safe use in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practices".

(Click on the document title above to download a copy)

The Laser Core of Knowledge course provides a basic theory behind Laser and IPL’s and should be taken prior to any purchase of a Laser or IPL system.

It is recognised by bodies such as the Care Quality Commission, Insurers and Local Authorities and is mandatory in many instances.

It is suggested that a refresher Core of Knowledge course is taken every few years to ensure safe and effective practice.

There are a number of providers offering the Laser Core of Knowledge course, including the option of some residential courses, single day study and online course.

Please follow the below links for further information:


*(The courses detailed in the below links are independent of the Laser Market, and the Laser Market is not responsible for the course content, its price or any other aspect of the course and its relevance to laser Practice)

At the Laser Market, we would suggest that it is important for laser operators to review the available courses and select the most appropriate one for them, rather than just going or the cheapest

You should receive a certificate following this training and you should keep it safe at all times.


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Laser Core of Knowledge course providers

Online Laser Training

Online Laser Training

Online Laser Training (OLT) provides two levels of Core of Knowledge training, to ensure users can be provided with a level of training most suitable to their job requirements.

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Intermed Clinical Ltd

Intermed Clinical Ltd

Intermed Clinical offer a comprehensive on-line, level 4, Core of Knowledge training course for just £90 + VAT. The lowest cost option available (to the best of our knowledge)

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