Laser / IPL Post-sales Product Training

Product training may be considered the final step of the training process to permit you to provide safe and effective treatment, and is usually provided by the Supplier of the equipment. It will focus on the how to operate and look after the equipment, safety aspects, as well as detailed Application training.

At the end of the training, you should be confident and competent in offering Laser and or IPL treatments with your machine.

When you are considering which Laser/IPL system to buy, it is important to look at how much training is given with the equipment and at what level that training is. Is it provided initially free of charge and, if further training is required, for yourself or new members of the team, at what point does it become chargeable? Are future training charges fixed for a set period after installation?


So, what happens if your chosen Laser Manufacturer / Distributor offers very limited post-sales training, or charges a lot of money for further training?

Here at the Laser Market, we place a great deal of value in certified training and we can provide this, at an economical rate, on a wide range of products. And it does not matter whether you have bought the laser or IPL system from the Laser Market or elsewhere.

The Laser Market has access to a range of clinical trainers and training establishment, permitting us to offer comprehensive training on most makes and model of laser and IPL; training which is which is fully certified and endorsed by a Laser Protection Adviser. It will give you the confidence to practice and fully support the needs of your insurance company.

To give you an idea of the types of product training we offer here is an non exhaustive list of systems we cover:

  • We offer full product training on all the Alma Soprano Laser systems including the Soprano XL, Soprano Xli &  Soprano Ice
  • Alternative Alma laser systems such as the Alma harmony system.
  • ellipse IPL systems, sharp light IPl systems, i-pulse/crystal clear.
  • Lumenus lightsheers
  • Ascelpion laser
  • X-laser
  • Eclolight systems
  • Plamalite systems
  • Cynosure laser
  • Candela laser

The training is comprehensive and includes all aspects of safety, consultation, treatment protocols and applications. There is also further documentation available should trainees need it.

We can offer training for up to 6 people in one day with just one upfront cost. We can also include level 4 Application training if this is also required. We firmly believe that all trainees should have completed, as a bare minimum, their Core of Knowledge training (and most insurance companies and local authorities insist on this), but we can include this with in the Product Training if required.

If your laser is not listed above, please contact to discuss your requirements and we'll do out utmost to cource the training for you.


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