Alma Soprano Ice Platinum


Alma laser have now launched their all-new Alma Soprano Ice Platinum.

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The latest generation of Soprano laser, the Soprano Ice Platinum if you are interested in the Soprano XL, Soprano Xli or Soprano Ice Read More Here

The major difference between the Soprano ICE Platinum and all other models of soprano, is that in one single hand-piece they have incorporated all 3 different wavelengths:

Alexandrite 755nm
Alexandrite offers great energy absorption by the melanin chromophore making it a great choice for a wide range of hair types and colours especially light skin types. Alexandrite has superficial penetration and the targets the bulge of the hair follicle. Alexandrite is considered the gold standard in hair removal for light skins.

Diode 810nm
A common wavelength in the treatment of hair with moderate melanin absorption levels which targets the bulge and the bulb of the hair follicle. Diode laser treat all skin types, but is not the gold standard in any and you are advised to show extreme caution in darker skins.

Nd:YAG 1064nm
This wavelength is specialised for darker skins, being the safest of all the wavelengths, but has low melanin absorption. The Nd:YAG also offers the deepest penetration to target the Bulb, Papilla and blood supply.

The advantage of this triple-wavelength hand-piece over a single wavelength hand-piece is that it can target different tissues depths and different parts of the hair follicle. This tri-clustered diode technology, along with the speed and comfort of the Soprano ICE laser, means great results and great customer satisfaction.

The Soprano ICE also used SHR technology which gradually heats the dermis to a temperature that effectively kills the hair follicle and presents regrowth. The sweeping In-motionTM technique ensures full coverage of the surface, while the ICE tip cools the skins surface.

What do you get with a purchase?

  • Delivery and installation
  • Trio cluster hand piece
  • Facial tip
  • Hygiene tips
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Contact cooling
  • Touch screen

Please remember when informing patients that the hair removal process is “Pain Free”, this is not always the case! 90% of the treatment may be totally pain-free but when you get to the last stubborn hairs treatment can become painful and additional cooling or pain relief may be needed.

So, now we know about the good points let’s look at the bad points?

Do you need 3 wavelengths in one headpiece?
The simple answer to this is 'NO': The 'gold standard' for light skins is Alexandrite and the 'gold standard' for dark skins is Nd:YAG; so a combination laser with these 2 wavelengths will deliver just as good a results.

Will my laser ever need replacing?
This is where the soprano range becomes a little trickier; to replace the hand-piece if it goes wrong, or after the shots have completed, will cost in excess of £20,000!!!

Is the Alma laser the quickest?
No, because of the in motion technique the laser treatment time is not as quick as many of its rivals

What else does it treat?
Nothing just hair removal!

The Alma Soprano ICE platinum is in excess of £60,000 so is the most expensive laser hair removal system in the country

There are several other lasers that offer diode technology which will treat effectively most skin types, along with the chill-tip, but importantly much lower price to purchase and much cheaper to run.

Contact the Laser Market to discuss the alternatives before you invest in a new of used laser system.

So is there a better laser on the market today?
In the Laser Market's opinion, YES, there is a much superior laser to the Alma Soprano Ice platinum and that is the BIOS Square Epil

This laser is Nd:YAG and Alexandrite with blend emission mode to fire at exactly the time for stunning results. It also has the ability to alter the amount of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG independently to tailor make the very best in laser hair removal.

Speed- with the world largest spot size (upto30mm) and the world’s largest power (270w) it can treat a full body in 34 minutes! WOW!! and is relatively pain free

Patented headpiece – Integrate smoke evacuator eliminates all smells and odurs at the time of treatment

Patent lamp system- Self changing lamps so no need for an engineer

Multiple treatments – because of the Nd:Yag and Alexandrite wavelengths in a true laser you can also treat a variety of other conditions, skin rejuvenation, podiatry, vascular , benign lesions, acne, etc etc

Less expensive – cheaper than the platinum, more treatments than the platinum, faster than the platinum, better return on investment than the platinum plus much much more

Remember all our opinions on the Laser Market are unbiased as the Laser market is the only 100% independent laser supplier in the country. We sell a range of lasers from the leading manufactures both new and old.
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Already have an Alma system? The Laser Market may be able to provide Servicing for your current Alma system.

There are also many options available on the market that compete Soprano that offer just as good performance but again without the hefty price tag.
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