Ellipse Laser Servicing & Support

The Laser Market provides 3rd party servicing solutions for your Ellipse laser/IPL systems as well as other makes and models of lasers and IPL’s.

We offer a variety of different service options  tailor-made to your requirements. 

These service’s range from one-off repairs to preventative service contracts, and include applicator repair and replacement.

It does not matter if your ellipse system is pre-owned or new from the manufacturer, we can still provide all our service.

Purchasing pre-owned (second-hand) equipment, including Ellipse, is becoming ever popular, which is why we offer a pre-purchase laser Appraisal, so that potential buyers know the quality of any used equipment they are think of buying. Appraisal visits are generally paid for by the potential buyer, but with the permission and cooperation of the seller, at whose property the system is usually based. The client receives a full report after the visit, allowing them to make an informed decision on whether to buy the system. Whilst we can never guarantee you won't find issues later on, it might provide you with the peace of mind to purchase, or the secure knowledge that you are better off walking away.

All our contracts and one off repairs and service include:

  • All engineering costs, travel and subsistence, no matter where you are
  • All shipping cost for any parts that are needed
  • Discounts for multiple machines
  • Discount of hand piece replacements
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Free telephone consultation
  • Free estimates

Remember as well, we can also supply a variety of new and used laser / IPL systems and offer independent advice on most makes of laser and IPL.

The Laser Market has no affiliation with Ellipse and as such all of our advice is free, independent and honest.

If you bought your Ellipse laser from somewhere else, or indeed the manufacturer, we can still help. 

Things to be mindful of:

  • The manufacturer does not want you to use third party providers as they lose additional income.
  • The manufacturer may say no one is allowed other than them to service or repair your machine, again this is not true
  • They may say we do not use original parts, again this is not true.
  • All our engineers are fully trained and all our parts are original parts that we source from all over the world.

By allowing the Laser Market to maintain your Ellipse laser system with either a one off visit or one of our service plans, you are increasing the lifespan of your laser and as such increasing your return on investment.

We offer a range of flexible service solutions for your ellipse system including:

Parts – Do you need a particular ellipse part? Not a problem, we stock some parts but most are just a phone call away. 
Contact the Laser Market, where we can provide many of the essential components you require at excellent prices.

Some of the most common parts that may need replacement or repair are:

  • Power supply 
  • Flash lamp replacement
  • Mirror and lens cleaning and calibration
  • Cooling system repairs 
  • Lens replacements
  • Hand piece replacements

Emergency Call-out – If your Ellipse Laser has developed a problem then maybe the Laser Market can help with a one-off visit to assess the problem & repair where possible We do a telephone assessment which will help us determine your issues so we can come prepared and fix your system in one visit. Sometimes this is not possible though and further visits maybe required. 

Laser service visit – If you want to ensure your Ellipse Laser system is working at peak condition why not arrange a one off service visit.

Preventative Maintenance Plan – All of our Preventative Maintenance Plans are designed to offer Clear, straightforward, cost-effective solutions for your ongoing laser maintenance.

If you want a particular service plan, then we can offer a bespoke package for you as well

A stand-alone service visit includes 

  • cost of the engineer
  • any travel costs, our prices are the same no matter where you are in the country.
  • Service consumables where appropriate and needed
  • No maximum time on site, so don’t worry about costs escalating if something takes longer than expected

Have more than one laser?  Not a problem we can offer a discount for any subsequent laser as well.

We also have further enhanced service plans that can include further service visits or breakdowns, discounts off parts and hand pieces, discount of any other emergency visits and much more.

We offer servicing on most ellipse models so get in touch and see if we can save you money

If you want to discuss your current laser or IPL, whether it be servicing, repair or replacement  Contact the Laser Market.