Fotona QX MAX

The desire for pigment-related treatments is on the increase with a high demand from the consumer. It is however very difficult to know which is the best system for you and with the recent arrival of new technology this decision becomes even more complex.

Fotona's QX MAX Laser system is a very good Q-switch laser but it is showing its design-age and is by no means the most powerful or the most technology-gifted machine on the market.

When considering the Fotona QX Max; the questions has to be - Are there better, more powerful lasers on the market today which will undertake pigment removal more effectively and more efficiently?

With the influx of lower-cost laser systems it is also very difficult to justify so high a price tag for such a laser, which severely hampers its potential Return on Investment.

Yes; with the Fotona you can treat multi-coloured tattoo BUT since over 80% of tattoos are black/red this is an expensive investment to treat a minority amount of additional tattoo’s. Surely it is better to offer a greater range of treatments in one easy to use system rather than investing over the odds for a minimal market share.? Greater return on investment and great clinical results!

The Fotona QX Max has the power to remove all common pigmented lesions and a broad spectrum of tattoo colours; it additionally offers the ability to provide FRAC3® aesthetic treatments. The Fotona QX MAX is well built for good performance.

QX MAX Features

  • 4 distinct wavelengths for maximum pigment removal
  • Accelera Mode for additional skin rejuvenation treatments
  • 1.6 J single-pulse energy.
  • Advanced performance guarantees efficacy at larger spot sizes
  • Uniform beam profiles with Vacuum Cell Technology
  • OPTOflex® arm increases precision and accuracy
  • Wider range of treatments including FRAC3®
  • Wireless foot-switch

Key Benefits

  • Good Q-switch laser
  • Fast and safe,
  • Treats most pigmented lesion and tattoo colours
  • Performs wide range of aesthetic treatments