Used Aesthetic Laser

A used aesthetic laser system offers the chance to purchase a quality, used aesthetic laser system or indeed Intense Pulsed Light unit from a vast array of manufacturers and sources. These sources and manufacturers can be found both in the UK and on the worldwide aesthetic stage.

All these available used aesthetic laser systems come, not only cheaper than the cost of a new aesthetic laser systems but also, with a range of additional sales points that make buying a used aesthetic laser system the way of choice. The variation in cost can be quite dramatically and depends on numerous factors especially the manufacturer (remember you get what you pay for) but also the

  • age of the laser
  • specification of the laser
  • hand pieces sold with the system
  • Accessories sold with the laser system
  • Service history
  • Bought direct from the seller via the Laser Market's Used-Laser Sales Directory

The Laser Market has years of experience in the medical field and the aesthetic market. This has allowed us at the Laser Market to build up contacts and sources both in the UK and worldwide to source used aesthetic lasers. The range of manufactures’ we have Aesthetic lasers systems from include the top 5 rates laser manufacturers in world, Fotona, Lumenis, Alma, Cynosure , Syneron-Candela as well UK manufacturers like Zeolite from Sonic Medical Systems.

They are many plus points in buying from the Laser Market including the cheaper capital cost of the used aesthetic laser system as well as:

  • Independent advice
  • Independent source.
  • No sales jargon
  • No sales figures to obtain
  • No manufacturers hype
  • No lies

All this knowledge helps you make an informed business and future business choice. To see more about how we can advise, see our Laser Buying Guide, or download our free Buying Guide fact sheets.

We at the laser market work hard to ensure you get a great opportunity and all the possible options for the purchase of your used aesthetic laser system.

The aesthetic industry is a daunting and quickly advancing market with new technology, new lasers and new innovations happening regularly. This leads to aesthetic systems becoming perceived as old very quickly. The stark reality is these systems are perfectly good systems that could be just months old and still do an excellent job. We at the laser market are in a position to pick-up these systems and offer them to you the client for a fraction of the new costs. We also have access to the latest models. If you are interested in selling your aesthetic laser system or indeed want part exchange your current laser, please contact us today at the laser market.

A used aesthetic laser system represents a great opportunity expand your business to new heights or to start off a business from a manufacture you can trust and a supply company you can trust.

  • Benefits of a used aesthetic laser systems from the laser market are
  • Warranty and service support
  • Business and Marketing Support
  • Delivery and installation

Here at the Laser Market we can access to a wide range of used aesthetic laser systems and if we don’t have the model that best fits your requirements we can usually source one for you.

We may also be able to offer an alternative used aesthetic laser system or used intense pulsed light system that we think may fit your requirements for you to evaluate.

Contact the Laser Market  on 07484 245721 today to discuss your Used aesthetic laser system requirements