Laser Marketing

Laser Marketing 

Marketing your Laser Service is just as important as which laser you chose to work with. You could have the best laser in the world and nicest clinic, but if no one knows then you are not going to attract clients and be successful.

Marketing is a massive topic and here at the Laser Market we will try to give you an insight in to some of the more essential aspects.

The first step of marketing is to establish your target market

This will depend upon your clinic location and at what level you want to offer service:

  • Exclusive setting with dedicated service levels and time taken with each client
  • Quick effective treatments capped at maybe 20 minute appointments
  • What treatments are being offered around me?, what treatments will sell?

This will dictate the best equipment for your chosen market and what services you want to offer within your clinic. 

  • Do you want to offer the same treatments as clinic 3 doors down from you? 
  • Is your equipment better than the clinic on the next street
  • Do you want to offer different treatments or a greater range of treatments?

The answers to these questions will help focus your mind on your target market and will help you build up a sound business plan.

In order to establish your target market, get out there and talk to people! Talk to clinics around your area, talk to potential clients, talk to friends and remember no advice is bad advice! You may well have tunnel vision and be missing important aspects of your business.

Good sources of information for research are

  • Websites. 
  • Trade shows.
  • Magazines 
  • Journals

The next step is a business plan

This business plan should contain 3 important ingredients to help making it a success (please click our business plan download guide)

  • Set of goals
  • Reasons these goals are attainable
  • Plan for researching these goals

Set goals

You must decide at the start of the process what is needed in terms on income to make your business viable but also what you must earn over that to make your business profitable and worthwhile to start in the first place

You need to have a clear indication of what cost are involved, for example:

  • Equipment lease or rent
  • Building rent, rates of purchase
  • Furniture
  • Staff
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Permits
  • Advertising

Once you know these cost then you can put clear goals into your business plan including money to live off.

Reasons these goals are achievable

This part of you plan should look at what makes you think you can make this business a success?

  • What is your experience?
  • What is your training?
  • If you have been in and around the aesthetic business and doing laser for years you are more likely to make your business a success than if you are setting up from scratch because your friend has done so.
  • What measures have you put in place to help make this achievable? ie Are you going to set up from home at first so you can minimise costs of renting a building etc
  • Are you buying a good quality piece of equipment that if things don’t work out well still has a good second hand value and is resell-able?
  • Have you already got a client base from a previous job?
  • Is no one else offering laser treatments in your area?

Once you have done a comprehensive list of reasons why this is achievable the last step is:

Plan for researching these goals

This should be where you look at all the market research you are going to do for your chosen area and your chosen Business section.

It is no good building a business plan and the not doing the adequate research in order to make your business a success. A good business plan does not consist of “ I looked on the web” , “ I went to a trade show and a salesman told me it was a good idea”

The more research the better. Get more than one quote for each aspect of the business, like insurance, capital equipment and check what a supplier can offer. Will they agree to buy back the system if something goes wrong? What is the guaranteed future value of the equipment?

All this information will help you build a good business plan and get your business off on the right setting but that is just the start of it.

What happened when you actually open the doors?


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