Whatever you decide, its worth listening to advice from the experts

A laser purchase is a big decision for any Company - one that can shape your business, and its reputation, for years to come

Making sure you pick the right Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Aesthetic Device for your own particular needs, including consideration of associated elements such as servicing, support and training, is one of the key criteria for ensuring your business succeeds.

A laser, whether new or second-hand, will cost thousands or tens of thousands of pounds, so you need to be sure you are making the right decision, without terrifying yourself into a stupor and failing to make any decision at all.

Here at the Laser Market, we have in depth knowledge of different lasers, IPL and aesthetic devices on the market today. This allows us to discuss what is good about a particular laser and what is bad about that laser; in essence the good, the bad and the ugly. And we don't charge for our advice!!

If you speak directly to a manufacturer they are always going to tell you that their system is the best and offers the best results, best service, best support, etc.

In reality this is not true; All lasers/IPL's have good points and all have their bad points, making a particular laser or IPL system right for one client but not for another. But no sales person is going to tell you that their system is not as good as a competitors. They would rapidly find themselves out of a job, and meantime would see a serious drop in their commission!

Speak to a company that cares, that relies on their reputation to sell lasers; and these are the real gems of the laser market.

All of the suppliers listed offer high-quality systems, but which is best for your own needs is entirely down to your own personal and business circumstances, what treatments you wish to perform and your own preferences and experience. It could be that Laser ot IPL is not even the best choice for you, but you have simply never considered an alternative.

For more information on lasers see our Laser Suppliers pages, or to discuss your needs further please feel free to contact the Laser Market.

Remember; the more clinical applications a laser can perform, the greater the potential client base and the lower the chance you will have difficulty in paying back the purchase price. Instead you'll see satisfied clients, with massive cross-sell potential leading to a healthy profit.

The Laser Market is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision and where possible save potentially thousands of pounds on the cost of owning a new or used Laser system.


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