Renting a Laser or IPL system

Lasers and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) systems are expensive pieces of equipment which can significantly outstrip available funds.

Whilst both Lease Finance and Outright Purchase options are suitable for some, others will be looking for an alternative route to system access.

Through the Laser Market, in certain circumstances, it may be possible to arrange Laser or IPL rental.

We have numerous systems that can be available for rent via like:

  • Ex-demonstration systems from our new stock
  • Part exchanged lasers
  • Lasers we have bought specifically for the rental market

There are advantages and disadvantages to renting a laser and these points need to be carefully considered before you enter into a rental agreement

Advantages of renting a laser 

  • No need for credit checks
  • Quick and easy process
  • No extended tie in lengths to a contract
  • Minimal Deposit 
  • No service contract or maintenance issues
  • Quick decision on suitability.

Disadvantages of renting a laser system

  • You never own the system. It remains the property of the supplier
  • It does not register as a Capital Asset on your Company Accounts
  • Restricted range of Laser / IPL systems available
  • System Models are generally not going to be the latest
  • Rental figures most likely to be higher per month than buying
  • Potential training fees
  • Potential upfront fees of rental
  • System could be recalled

The most cost effective and best way to acquire a laser or IPL systems is through outright purchase and a lease purchase, but we understand not all clinics will have this option. The Laser Market is happy to discuss any rental opportunities with you on a one to one to basis to make sure it is both feasible and logical to rent.


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