2nd hand, can mean massive price savings

Since you are looking through the Used Laser section of the Laser Market website, you are presumably interested in purchasing a second-hand Laser system.

If, instead, you want to Sell your current laser though our Used-Laser Sales Directory, please go to our Advertise Your Laser entry.

Here at the Laser Market, there are two avenues to purchasing a second-hand laser:

You can buy direct from the seller, through the UK’s Used-Laser Sales Directory. Our function here is simply to act as a portal allowing sellers and buyers to reach each other. We do not act for either party and have no responsibility for any sale, costs incurred, or for any equipment sold.

If you cannot see a suitable laser on the Directory, contact us direct and we shall try to source a suitable system through our network of laser suppliers. This latter route offers the advantage of training and technical support from the supplier.

In order that we source the correct laser for your business within your available budget, please indicate not only what laser(s) you are interested in but what your target budget is as well. You need to be realistic! If a new laser is £60,000, then you are not going to find a one/two year old system for £6000.

We are able to source most types of used lasers, diode systems and IPL systems from many of the world’s leading manufacturers. For the range of manufactures and suppliers that we typically source used equipment from, please see our Suppliers Guide.

Please Note:

The Laser Market does not source, new or used, cheap imported lasers. This is due to the problems many clients have had with this type of laser, in respect of efficacy, functionality and reliability. Please read our section on Trusted Manufacturers for further information.

The advantages and disadvantages of buying a second-hand used laser system.

Obviously the most evident advantage of purchasing a second-hand laser is that you will receive the system at a significant price discount.

Just like a car, a laser depreciation over time; and the rate of depreciation is not constant, varying over time and from model to model.

Key factors to consider in assessing whether the price wanted is reasonable would include:

  • System age and usage
  • Service and Maintenance history
  • System reputation and typical life-time costs
  • Visible and hidden damage
  • Accessories included

Remember when you are buying a used laser, not to look at the costs at day one but over a 3 year period and consider:

  • Training needs
  • Servicing
  • Repairs & Cost of parts
  • Technical Support availability

If buying from direct from the former owner, whether through the Laser Market’s Used Laser Sales Directory or elsewhere,  do consider the following points:

Increased risk:

Unless you already know the seller, you might never know the real reason why they are selling; and unless you really know your laser systems, you might not know if you are getting as good a deal as you hope.

  • Be sure to see the system in use.
  • Is there a transferable manufacturer's warranty?
  • Does it have a full service history?
  • Are all accessories working as they should?

Again, the Laser Market can help out here; with Laser Engineers available to provide fixed-fee pre-purchase assessments of lasers, and to perform installations once the deal is done.

Comparing with other systems

Once you have found the system that you think could work for you, it will be difficult to compare it with others. You are unlikely to have the time or opportunity to see competitive products in action - and brochures & manufacturers specifications on older systems are often hard to come by.

Be sure to seek independent advice if needed

We know of many clients who buy a system because it is cheap but within 6 months they realise why it is cheap! Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”

It is worth remembering that the laser market and the aesthetic market moves at a very fast pace and when buying a used laser it will represent older technology rather than the latest system.

But equally, Manufactures do not want you to buy used systems. Their income arises form New Laser sales and they will often use scare tactics to try and push through a sale, such as:

  • There will be no warranty or support, if you buy used
  • The purchase will not include Certified Training, if you buy used

By purchasing direct through the Laser Market we can provide certificated training as well as support for most laser systems on the market today at a fraction of the cost of the new suppliers.

We aim to ensure you get a great laser at a great price, as we pick-up bankrupt stock, part-exchanges and buy direct from other suppliers to offer the very best of deals.


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