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As a visitor to the ‘Laser Purchase’ section of the Laser Market website; you are presumably interested in the purchase of a new or used laser system, be it for Aesthetic, Medical, Surgical, Dental, Dermatological or Gynaecological use. Maybe you want to rent a laser or part exchange your current laser for a newer model?

Alternatively, you might wish to sell your laser at our on-line Sales Directory?

The Laser Market should be your first stop for all the impartial advice you need in finding the most suitable laser model, from the most appropriate manufacturer, to suit your needs and meets your demands and expectations.

It can be very confusing listening to all the manufacturers hype and all the sales tactics used to convince you that their laser is best. And laser equipment brochures only confuse the issue further. So let us help you simplify the choices.

At the Laser Market, we have over 20 years’ experience in the Medical and Aesthetic market so are primed to be able to offer the best advice on buying a New laser or a used model, as well as advice on many other aspects of the business such as marketing, lease purchase, training and the range of additional services you need to help make your business a success.

There is an abundance of new lasers on the market today with many manufactures fetching out new models on what seems like a weekly basis. Whilst many of these systems appear new they are very similar to the previous version of the laser and its often only a sales tactic to get you to buy the latest model. Here at the laser market, we will help you see through the hype and offer impartial advice on what is pound for pound the best laser to suit your needs

A few important questions to ask your Laser manufacturer: 

What’s included with my laser?

This should be the range of services and supports in place to help you make your business a success, such as:

  • System Training
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing Material

What level of service and support comes with the laser?

  • The Length of warranty, and what’s included and not included within it
  • Cost of replacement parts
  • Costs of servicing
  • Costs of repairs

Also ask about the Supplier themselves.

  • Are they the actual manufacturer, or a specialist Distributor able to offer additional support?
  • When did they start selling this particular lasers brand?
  • Who manufactures the Laser, and where is it built?

Whilst the Capital Cost of the laser purchase is often seen as the most important financial consideration, what is more important is an estimation of the Life-time Cost, which includes all of the many charges that you will have to meet over the coming years:

Is the initial capital cost acceptable, and offering a reasonable Return on Investment?

Many laser manufacturers and suppliers have a high cost of running their own business with sales staff, marketing at trade shows, magazine marketing etc etc. Who is paying for this? Ultimately you! Which is one reason why some lasers are overpriced compared to others.

When looking for a new laser, look at which laser can offer you the best treatment options but also the maximum return on your investment.

If a laser only performs hair removal and costs a lot of money, then you are going to need to do a lot of hair removal just to pay for your laser let alone make a profit. If a laser is of similar price but offers the opportunity to provide ten clinical applications instead of just the one, then the chances are you are going to earn much more with the second laser than the first. So why buy the first one?

Once you have made a final decision, be sure to consider the finance options available and review our guide comparing Lease Purchase to Outright Purchase.


Prior to buying New, Read our guide to purchasing a Second-hand used Laser 

   or  Download our Free Laser Buying Guide


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